For real? Yes. What did you think was going to happen?

Rick Santorum won the Super Tuesday election in Oklahoma. No joke. Romney barely came in second, separated from Gingrich by 1,605 votes. That comes out to about 1/2 a percentage point. The fact that this surprised anyone genuinely surprised me. Disappointment is one thing, but that's how Oklahoma elections go for anyone who would be disappointed by Santorum taking the cake. Surprise, however, no. What did anyone, Republicans alike, think was going to happen?

Santorum is straight on with the atrocities that have been making their way through the house and senate here. I recently posted on the Personhood Act(s), and since people in Oklahoma have been voting for the legislators writing such legislation, it seems a natural thing that they'd vote for someone who talks like he's writing those piece all the live-long day. According to him and his zero tolerance for abortion, it would be best for women who become pregnant as the result of rape to accept their pregnancy as being what God had in store for them. Does that make rapists kind of like heavenly messengers? Please PLEASE! someone tell me how one can be pro-life and pro-death penalty.

And there's a fun twist: I'm Mormon. Did you know that? Did I just rock your world? And not rocking it because I'm Mormon but because I'm a left leaning democrat Mormon. Yes, I said the d-word and the m-word in the same sentence. Mormons can be liberal dems, and there are more of us than you think, we just don't frequently out ourselves in Mormon circles where majorities are still overwhelmingly conservative.

Back to point - There are many surprised/disappointed Mormon Romney supporters here in OK, and the same above paragraphs apply to them, but there is great irony. Most of them are very conservative. Like WAY more conservative than Romney, he is the moderate Republican option, remember? And I think it's soooo laughable. Yes, I said laughable, that they can't understand what Oklahoma was thinking when in reality, the peeps in OK who voted for Santorum were thinking what they (really conservative Romney supporters) are always thinking with the exception of having any investment in a Mormon candidate. We're the reddest state in the nation, of course the rightiest right uberest of uber conservative would win. If you take pride in/contribute to the color of your state, you can't be disappointed/surprised when the "moderate" doesn't win.

In all fairness, Romney broke my heart several years ago. Way back when my voter registration card still had an "R" on it, back when Romney was actually moderate. I was really excited about him, in hopes that he could save the Republican party from the severely right "Christians" who were ruining the party I was still trying to justify. A post from way back when. Those darn super PACs and a certain movement identifying themselves as a "party" within my former party. It's so unfortunate that politicians have to sell their idealistic souls just to get elected. Nothing new with that thought, no more surprises, right?

Have you read the Audacity of Hope yet? Please do. I need to read it again. Until then, I leave you with this poem by Lauren Zuniga (it's one I previously shared, and the words that made me okay and not want to pack up our home and move back to Hyde Park after the last Oklahoma gubernatorial election):

A poem to progressives plotting mass exodus

Do not let them drive you away. Here is where you are needed the most.

There is a sick pit in your stomach.
A plantation in your front yard.
The static flicker of black and white.
An absurd talking picture,
where sepia skin is now villain.
You are not sure who to trust anymore.
Everyone walks backward in your neighborhood.
You are surrounded by billboards with hate-sized font.
You are looking for a secret handshake.
A fish with feet drawn in the sand.
Blue paint on the door frame.
You resent even the dirt for being so damn red.
At night you are a furious search engine.
Screaming down the track toward
some kind of Shangri-La.
Portland has no jobs.
Canada doesn't want you.
You hear property is cheap in Costa Rica.
Even Cuba seems safer than your next PTA meeting.
Anywhere is better than here.
But here is your home.
Here is where you chose to raise your kids
because the people are so friendly.
Do not let them drive you away.
Here is where you are needed the most.
Here is where the sunset stretches its arms wide as forgiveness across stolen plains.
Here is where Clara Luper sat down at the Katz lunch counter and asked to be served.
Here is where black and white soldiers fought alongside each other for the first time.
Where Kate Barnard was elected before she could even vote.
Where hippies squatted in Paseo until it became an art district.
Here is where Charlie Christian learned guitar.
Where Wayne Coyne keeps the bubble.
Where Woodrow Wilson Guthrie played the harmonica for sandwiches.
Here is where the healing has to take place.
Tell them you are not moving.
Oklahoma is worth the wait.
Sometimes evolution feels like
the stinging cramp in the back of your knees when you grow too fast for your outdated bones.
Sometimes it feels like a house in the city
with three goats, 10 chickens and 12 wild kids.
Tear up the sidewalk.
Plant a garden.
Bake a squash casserole and invite
all your terrified neighbors over.
Say "As-Salamu alaykum" to everyone you meet.
Fill out all government forms in Español.
Check all the boxes for your race.
Ride your bike to work. Make art in the streets.
Feed people without a license.
Go to city council meetings.
Sit in at the state House and Senate.
Wear a purple boa. Don't apologize for your presence.
Write love letters to mothers and fathers in prison.
To the wardens, the police officers, the judges.
Write love letters to queer kids and their bullies.
Tell them you are staying here for THEM.
Kiss a Republican on the cheek.
Show them how to love someone you don't understand.
DO SOMETHING with that tight fist.
That broken heart.
That liberal mouth.
Progress is a series
of small bold moves.
Don't leave.
Here is where
we need you.


  1. And I feel that the poem you posted could be taken both ways (not all of it obviously) and I feel that way about my country and what the liberal left has done to it.. :) I know we don't agree politically and that is fine- we are still cousins and we still love each other- even being the same religion and coming from opposite sides of the political scale (I was raised more "democrat" than republican and now I am more conservative than liberal- we swapped sides) :) Some day when we get together we should talk (not debate) politics. I don't get as heated as my dad so it may not be as fun. Love you!

  2. I find this post "laughable". I don't live in Oklahoma for what that's worth. I appreciate and totally respect your political beliefs and opinions. One thing I've observed from your writing (which I love)is that you seem to be a person who really thinks things through and has opinions based on things you have truly researched and pondered and decided for YOURSELF--which is great. (Example: I loved how you researched paint colors online through people who had written about them...awesome).
    However, I feel like this post has the attitude of "everyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong" which is the problem that makes discussing politics "laughable". Just because some Mormons you know are pro-Romney doesn't mean they don't know what they are really voting for. Just because nearly everyone there is Republican doesn't mean their political affiliation has no well thought-out basis. I'm sorry, but I don't believe in abortion, period. That doesn't make me right. That doesn't make you wrong. Thank goodness we are allowed to believe and fight for different things!
    In all fairness, there are some conservatives in Hyde Park who want to get away from the people they think "just don't get it". I don't think you or anyone can REALLY know what all the voters in Oklahoma were thinking.
    And you didn't quite rock my world, since several of the Apostles are Democrats. Learned that at BYU, who would have thought. :)
    Hope you can follow this (I am a terrible writer) and I sincerely hope I don't offend; I know you are fired up because you have strong beliefs--which is a good thing.
    And gosh I really hate that poem. Does that make me a republican?! Haha.

  3. Gosh I already feel bad. Can I apologize in advance? I don't want to start a debate or make anyone upset.

  4. I dunno. Politics and Oklahoma have a weird relationship. In the 1910s and 20s, Oklahoma had more elected members of the Socialist party than any other state in the country; now it leans heavily to the right. And I mean heavily. That there could be such a 180 is one shocker that many Oklahoma moderates and the few (closeted) left-leaners there are here find so puzzling. But what I think the original post is getting at is the other puzzler: that the one group pushing so hard to defeat any leftist agenda (and, yes, I would agree that the Mormon Church as an institution is a part of that group, albeit un-admittedly) would be surprised that the most conservative candidate win the state.

  5. I never try to assume that I know more than anyone, if it comes across that way I assume it's because I'm sharing what I've come to understand after researching issues I think are important, and if someone who reads and disagrees with what I have to say that's fine. It is my blog after all, and I can only share my observations and deductions of the world around me. I don't want to discredit Romney supporters in the slightest, but for real, those I'm talking about who were in disbelief that he didn't win in Oklahoma would have voted for Santorum in a heartbeat had Romney not been in the race, so the fact that they were so puzzled at Oklahomas overall actions was like, "say what?"

    Let me tell you a little about the political climate of Oklahoma and the church so you understand where I'm coming from and why I wanted to return to Hyde Park - Jake and I were attending a temple prep class during Sunday school class when the conversation turned toward political affiliations: after beating around the bush for a few questions, a person flat out asked if a democrat could go to the temple. I kid you not. I can't tell you the number of times homosexuality is brought up in Sunday school or comments leaning toward the idea that our current administration is the downfall of our great nation, and then there's all the constitution talk. In church. Oh, and the frequency with which the ward directory has been used to gain volunteers for Romney's election.

  6. That was not really the end of my thought, my iPad refused to let me scroll down to the end of my comment to keep typing: I know several amazing members of the church here in OK who have either left the church or who feel they don't have a place in it because politics and the church are so intertwined. I know there are democrat leaders of the church, but I think it's pretty safe to say that left leaning Mormons are still definitely the minority in the church in this country (and even more so in Oklahoma).

    I didn't plan on rocking any mormon's worlds with the comment about democrats and Mormons, but I also think it's pretty safe to say that most non-members would peg Mormons as being very conservative. I mean if the church's public support of prop 8 was the last big thing to make it big in the national news, second was it's stance on immigration, but the backlash in the church because of it was almost equivalent in news making - but that topic was more regional in news-making.

    And lastly, I think, I try really hard to stay level-headed. I think getting riled up is pointless because what you (nor you in particular) end up saying, ends up being more about proving yourself than just sharing your opinion. I actually undergo quite a bit of scrutiny, mostly from my family, and it's mostly because they get "riled up," but I understand why they do, people still think talking politics is taboo, that it always has to end in an argument or elevated voices because naturally if someone isn't agreeing with you, something's wrong or they're just not getting what you're trying to say. I've also been bombarded by forward emails full of false and misinformation in attempts for some family members to prove their point to me. I used to respond, but there were just so many, and they would get mad when I would correct facts, so I realized that it many cases, their passion wasn't about using information from reputable sources, it was about proving how right their opinion was, though it was based on falsities. I don't like having pointless conversations, but I am passionate about certain issues, namely social justice, and I do write about them, though I've thought about disabling comments or making my blog private so I didn't constantly have to walk on eggshells around certain people. I mean, they're my family and I love them. I've never let their conservatism put a rift between us, I love them in spite of it. ;) But because of the fact that I've been defriended on Facebook by members of my family, I know my differing opinion has caused a rift on their part. Rather than shrinking away and feeling like I should keep my opinions to myself, I decided to keep on keeping on because they are always more than welcome to share their opinions in their own forum. But that's the thing, I'm basically the only one who does talk about certain issues so my blog and Facebook wall end up being their sounding board too. I've come to accept that.

    I guess that's a really long way of saying I'm not offended by your comment, but I am slightly hurt when people think I don't take others opinions into consideration or that I assume that I know what others are thinking. It's impossible to know what others are thinking or feeling, but again, I know what I'm thinking and feeling, and what else am I to share if not that?

    Go wear your Romney shirt. Exercise your voting muscle! Be informed on the issues based on facts. One of my favorite things is well-informed, intellectually stimulating conversation that makes me think outside the box. Be one of those people I can have that kind of conversation with.

  7. Oh my gosh! After that background your post completely makes sense to me. Sunday school is not like that where I live. And the church directory, wow. I get where you are coming from.

    It is YOUR blog and I hope you never stop sharing your feelings and beliefs. Haha, you have to have some outlet to keep you from screaming at church! I'd want to. I'm still figuring out all my political beliefs. I didn't vote for Romney.

    And ultimately, above all else, I love reading your writing. It's beautiful. I love your outlook on life. Its beautiful. And I value your opinions. I have become so indecisive the last few years, and I admire how you know what you want, and why, and seem 100% sure of yourself. I envy that!



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