Election Day and the Morning After

A rug was delivered to our house tonight before the election results began rolling in. It was exciting. We're re-doing our girls' room for Christmas, and I finally decided that we would move our living room rug into their room and get a new one (that I loved and was on sale for 65% off) for the living room. While watching the election coverage, I was biting my nails and eating Whole Foods vegan chocolate chip cookies. I kept looking down across the new rug and forgetting about the jitters I felt. I love the pattern and the blue-grey, and how it picks up the subtle colors in our fireplace.

I'm listening to Romney's concession speech right now. I had a thing for Mitt as a potential president way back when he came on the potential future presidential radar when Bush was wrapping up his second campaign for the 2004 election. His ideas were much more moderate back then. It was a time when I was solidifying my world views, and his stances on a social issue or two made me feel okay with vocalizing beliefs I'd not been brave enough to. Something about it is bittersweet. 

I'm now waiting for Obama. I joyfully voted for him four years ago, and I did the same today. I would have jumped up and down and danced and laughed when it was projected that he was the winner, but my girls are asleep, so I did a quiet celebration. I'm sorry for the people who are upset, even if I've been disappointed by many reactions I've come across. Ultimately, I'm feeling grateful for many things:

When I wake up in the morning, Barack Obama will still be president. I will walk out to a new rug in a warm home. I will get a drink of clean water brought right to my kitchen sink. I will wonder what to eat for breakfast because I have food. I will take a shower and get out to put some spf 30 moisturizer on my face. I will decide what clothes to put on because I have some (too many). I will pull my car out of my garage and drive my daughter to school. I may or may not go to the gym. I might spend some time pondering what I'm going to do with my life in terms of a career. Perhaps I'll have a moment or two to read from one of the many books I've started. I'll throw away two of the pumpkins on my front porch that have seen better days. I'll make meals and change diapers and put on mascara. I will do all of these things because I have the luxury to do so. I will know the same thing I knew when I decided to give Obama a chance four years ago. It's not up to him, it's up to me. And up to you, and up to us. And I appreciate him for opening my eyes to that. 

I was happy to vote today, even before I knew what the outcome might be. I love being in my community, surrounded by my neighbors, and sharing a common experience. When I was at my polling center, I didn't care one single bit who anyone in that line was voting for. I was glad we were showing up.

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  1. Ahh--just what I needed! How did you get so smart and so wise at such a young age? Your sweet blog is an island of calm in a sea of crazy. Thanks for writing! Glad I stopped by...



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