Things I Know

1. My voice went away on Tuesday. It's finally staring to come back. A little more each day.
2. I wanted to catch a session at the temple last night, but started getting this hacking cough in the middle of story time at the library with Magnolia. It comes and goes - the cough - it comes more when I talk. Hmm.
3. Cora had her first little social heartbreak yesterday. I think it broke my heart more than hers. She got better quickly after she talked to me about it. I hope I can always be so helpful to her.
4. I felt yucky after dinner. Nauseous. I ended up barfing. While heaving I tried to calculate where I was in my cycle because for real, barfing is the surest sign of pregnancy for me. I don't really keep track of days and whatnot because I'm not trying to make a baby. And we use two forms of birth control, so I'm pretty sure my womb is vacant, but wow. In the moment, I was all kinds of calculatin'. I'm still nauseous. I hate being nauseous.
5. I regretted putting jalapeños on my pizza because they burn more coming up than going down.
6. I'm grateful for people who are aware.
7. I like feeling part of humanity and contributing to its goodness.
8. I need to work in the flower beds out front. And look into seeing if we can still plant winter rye.
9. I want a gigantic pink lady apple. Or some fresh squeezed orange juice.
10. Sometimes being nice isn't the only thing you need to be.
11. Sometimes doing the super hardest thing is the best thing to do in the long run. And figuring out how to get started can be the very hardest part.
13. I'm tired.
14. Making piles of leaves and falling into them never gets old.
15. My knuckles have started the great crack and bleed that comes with colder weather.


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