My Cup Runneth Over

I enjoyed this day with my girls. It started out earlier than usual for me. Around five, Magnolia let out a little cry that woke me up. She didn't make another peep, but I never fell back to sleep. I didn't mind. They slept until just before 7. We got ready for school and went on our way. When we got home from dropping Cora off, Magnolia wanted her second breakfast (she eats two or three breakfasts a day). She didn't want to eat at the table, so I laid out the picnic blanket on the living room floor, and she ate a bagel with peanut butter and honey while I put some laundry away.

Cora's two and a half hours at school flew by. We picked her up, and ran by the bank where the teller sent a lollipop for each of them with our receipt. Then it was off to the carwash. Let it be known that car washes are still just as magical as when I was a kid. It was the most exciting thing ever when a new car would come down the line. Magnolia would giggle and very loudly proclaim another car was coming. When it got close enough, she would announce the color of the car. Cora was mesmerized by the three colors in the rain-guard solution. When Olive (our car) was sprayed with the pink, yellow, and blue, she said, "Our car in the most beautiful car in the world." We rolled out after putting the vanilla air freshener under the seat. Cora thinks we "should better get one of those every day."

We went to the Science Museum, and I loved watching how they played together, how Cora was telling Magnolia about everything she saw. We only had one little incident where Magnolia slipped and bit her tongue while we were eating lunch. It still looks bad, but she got over it quickly. They loved playing in the water area. Cora built and reconfigured dam after dam. Magnolia was into rescuing the ducks and the boats. Cora climbed on a climbing exhibit, and I think she could have stayed there for another hour, but Magnolia had a diaper that needed to be dealt with. On that note, Magnolia told a knock-knock joke with "poop" as the punchline. It made me laugh and laugh. After the climbing, Cora said she loved to climb. It is noted.

We came home after a little over three hours at the museum. Magnolia took a nap. Cora and I had a chips and salsa snack and some quiet time on the couch together watching Word Girl and Wild Kratts. I made one of my new favorite recipes. I was broiling tofu in the oven, and I haven't figured out a way to do it without making the smoke alarm go off (the smoke is from the sauce burning off). Cora gets very concerned each time it happens, but today, I ran out with my oven mitt the second it started blaring, jumped up on a chair and crazily fanned the smoke away. I think I did that four times this evening. Her smile got bigger each time I had to do it, even though she did tell me after the third alarm that she wasn't going to tell me again that it was going off. We ate out dinner, I ate a lot more than them. My favorite point of conversation came when Cora randomly let me know that I shouldn't drive through more than "this much" water [she showed me with her hands] because even that little amount of water can carry a big car away. I thanked her for her helpful advice and asked her where she learned it: "The guy on TV said it." Zing.

After dinner, it was time for the shower-bath. My girls always take a bath that is filled up using the shower head. They love it. We washed off the face paint from the museum, and I'm pretty sure Magnolia is allergic to it. She had red puffy patches underneath. I hope it looks better in the morning. We put on our jammies, packed their bags for Thanksgiving break in Holdenville. They're leaving a day ahead of us with Vaughn and Tracey after "Grandparents and Friends Day" at school tomorrow morning. Jake got home on the third page of our night night story, so I let him take over. 

Today was so good. I'm thankful for it. There weren't enough hugs and kisses at bedtime. Tomorrow I'll get a little just me time, and I'm looking forward to it (I'm feeling some time in the temple, a nap(!), and perhaps an evening listening to the OKC Jazz Orchestra). I love when I get to just be without being directly responsible for every little part of little lives, but something about me feels like I might trade a few of those very rare moments of alone time for more days like this one. I love my girls. For so many reasons, but today it was especially for their curiosity, wonderment, and sense of adventure.     
Sliding down The Picasso in Daley Plaza last fall.


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