Girls' Room [Before]

I had a single mission when I got out of bed this morning: purge my girls' room of excess toys. After going through their toys, I ended up doing less purging and more organizing. It still took two hours. I don't know if I'm more amazed at the amount of stuff that ends up under beds, or the amount of round objects we have because those are the bulk of what I retrieve. 

We're in the middle of gathering all of the pieces to make their room over for Christmas. When trying to think of what to do for Christmas without accumulating more stuff, their room instantly came to mind. Jake's dad is restyling old beds, as well as repurposing an old table into two cute little desks, and he's going to refinish their dresser. There is a major perk to having a father-in-law who can do just about anything I want as far as furniture is concerned. And a lot of times, I'll hint in the direction of what I want, and then he pulls the random vision together into something beautiful. I'm really excited. And I really appreciate all the work he's putting in because I know his time is limited. 

After organizing today, I took some pictures to count as the official before pictures so there will be something to compare. I love before and after photos. ;) I haven't decorated their room because I knew it was in a temporary state. It lacks a uniform aesthetic. 

This is their closet door, kitchen (also made by Vaughn for Cora's second Christmas), and their toy area. We're going to start with their beds on this wall, centered between the window with a small space for a nightstand (I'd love an old projector cart). I'm going to paint the toy shelf white, and I thought it might be fun to paint the bins silver. I painted some of our pumpkins silver this fall, and there was something kind of magical about it.

This is Cora's bed, their dollhouse, easel, and cute french alphabet flashcards (on the wall). I don't know if the flashcards will make the cut just yet. Their room has four windows, all of which are six feet tall, maybe six-and-a-half feet tall, I can't remember. Our ceilings are nine feet. The two new desks are going to go under the windows with their toy shelf between them on the wall. I have a few ideas for a neat vertical installation to make this wall more interesting.

 Magnolia's bed. Cora was in a toddler bed when she was 25 months and in her big girl bed when she was 27 months. Goo is 29 months and still going strong in her crib. I hope, though am not quite sure, she'll be read for a big girl bed by Christmas, but we're going to try it anyway. The bicycles used to have a framed 'M' between them, but the command strips holding it up failed. There was actually a framed 'C' above Cora's bed as well, but it met the same crashing to the ground fate. This wall is going to be home to their dresser. We bought a HUGE gold frame at a garage sale in Gore, OK a few months ago, and it's going to go on this wall with individually framed pictures of wedding/couple photos of us, our parents, grandparents, g.grandparents, etc. I can't wait to see how many I can dig up.

 This dresser was love at first sight. I saw it in the "Pickin' Place" in Holdenville. I have a thing for Midcentury pieces right now, so finding this was a prize. I've had second thoughts a few times, not about my love for the dresser, but about the look I wanted in their room. A French Provincial might have been more appropriate, but I'm hoping to balance the strong lines of the dresser with softer lines on the beds. The kitchen will go on this wall, and I'm still thinking of what should go on the wall.

Their room is a nice size (14x14). One of the challenges in thinking of what to do has been giving them each their own little spaces without making the room feel small. If their room was smaller, I'd be more limited and probably go with bunk beds, a small table instead of two desks, etc, but after measuring and remeasuring, I think everything will fit nicely with several options for rearranging while still giving them ample floor space to play. Their curtains will be white. We bought several pairs from IKEA when we moved back to Oklahoma from Chicago, and we've never used them. The panels are 8 feet long, which is a foot too short, but I think it would be cute to sew on a fun foot-long strip at the bottom to spice things up a bit. I think I'm also going to add a monogram valance to the two windows above their desks with a 'C' on one and an 'M' on the other. I'm also following vintage quilts on ebay (mostly feed sack). They don't have to match, just have a common element. A beauty showed up today. It also comes with a pretty hefty price tag. I have this awful ability to know exactly what I want when I see it, but it's almost always the most expensive option. Here's a picture anyway: 


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