Brahms and Breakfast and Babies

Jake has been rehearsing a lot with a horn trio over the last month. The trio, Trio Riccio, performed last night, and it was incredible! My high review is a miracle really. There are two things about classical music that I haven't developed a real sense of appreciation for: 1. the Horn. 2. Brahms.

While Jake was rehearsing, I knew the time would come where I would have to sit through both. What a pleasure it ended up being. My world was rocked. First, props to Kate Pritchett. Ne'er  once did I hear a bellow-y animal in distress sound coming from her horn. Just lovely rich, warm, air filling sounds. You have single-handedly changed my opinion of your instrument. And now Brahms. They played Trio, op. 40. I feel like his pieces get stuck. Much of a piece is really beautiful, but it doesn't go anywhere. I didn't feel that this time. The third movement was so emotional. I feel like the violin starts out singing a lullaby, and then this heartbreaking longing is born out of it. So moving. My eyes are welling up just thinking about it.
[Photo by Michael Anderson]

I also really loved Lennox Berkeley's Trio, op. 44. There were so many variations, I lost track of where we were, but one of them was one of my favorite things I've heard in a while. It was just brimming with the feel of the time in which it was written, but it also had a timeless feel. I was completely caught up. I'm going to make Jake play through all of the variations so I can designate the one I loved so much, and I will listen to it over and over again.
[Photo by Michael Anderson]

Do you have a favorite breakfast? For a long time, I ate toast with peanut butter honey or agave with bananas on top. Lately (for the last few months), I've been hooked on a cold cereal concoction inspired by Rip Esselstyn's Big Bowl. Mine always includes old fashioned oats, a teensy bit of Grape-Nuts, Uncle Sam's Original Cereal, Vanilla toffee almond, a sliced up banana, almond milk, and a drizzling of honey. It's so good. I can't imagine ever getting tired of it. Jake's favorite version is LOADED with fruit. Tons of it. Like his fruit addiction was adding almost $60 to our monthly grocery bill. I've reigned him in a bit.

And onto babies: This is our third day taking care of a sweet little baby. She is seven weeks old today. She is currently snoozing and Magnolia is hanging out in her swing. She came to her parents just before Christmas, and it is the most amazing adoption story you will ever hear. I'm not going to share it here, but wow. Miracles happen every day. Her mom is a teacher, so we're watching her through the end of the school year. I'm happy to have her. The first two days, she was hungry right when we needed to leave for school to either drop Cora off or pick her up. Cora was late yesterday! My only hesitation in watching her was how having another little body might disrupt our family's schedule, but aside from the   mealtime thing, it has been great. And our schools breaks match up with her mom's, so we're all good there. She's a blessing to me right now because she's sort of curbing this monster baby desire that hits me sometimes without warning. (I wish I could always blame it on ovulation.) I get to love on a new baby, and I don't have sleep deprivation, I'm not 30 pounds overweight, I didn't just have a comically complicated pregnancy, and I'm not sick (I got sick right after I had both of my babies). It's glorious. But really, the sleep thing is the best part. I've even been to the grocery store twice. Yesterday was with all three girls. I got special treatment when they opened up a new line. I wasn't next, but everyone else who was gave us the green light to go ahead of them. Someone is stirring next to me. I'm off to prepare a meal. ;)


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