I've yet to take part in a full Lenten season, but this is my year. Last year I was going to give up facebook, but instead I wanted to exhibit more self-control without deactivating my account. It worked for the most part, but this year I'm going all the way. Starting on Ash Wednesday, I will deactivate my account. But Lent isn't just about giving things up, it's about improving oneself. I'm going to write a handwritten letter to someone everyday through Easter. I think we were all just as connected before facebook, but it was in a much more personal way. I'm still going to be blogging, so if you find my little spot on the web through facebook, know that you can find it other ways, too.

I also wanted to be very connected to the traditional practice of Lent, which, in some cases, meant abstaining from meat, eggs and dairy. And in Eastern Christianity, it's still common to only eat vegan meals for the duration of Lent. Since my every day diet is a vegan one, I've decided to give up all processed foods. This is hard. Really hard. And I'm not sure if I'm going to make an exception for Cora's birthday party yet. I think it would be weird not to partake of a celebratory cupcake. I guess I will see what I feel led to do. And what if the sacrament (communion) bread is white bread? ;) I don't eat a lot of processed foods anyway, but I've been depending on them for their convenience more than usual lately.

To conclue my experience with Lent, I want to participate in the Seven Churches Visitation on Maundy Thursday, however, it might be nice if I could spread it out throughout Holy Week. This is actually a really dreamy aspect to me. I love visiting other churches. If your church participates in this practice on more than just Maundy Thursday, or if you love your church and think I would love stopping in briefly, let me know. You can tell me through a comment here or you can send me a message on facebook if you do it before the end of tomorrow (Tuesday).

I'm really excited and slightly daunted at the task before me, but it's supposed to be that way, right? Things that are daunting are often the most humbling. And rewarding. I'll be attending the Ash Wednesday service at Church of the Open Arms if anyone would like to join me.


  1. So my Best Friend throughout all of undergrad was/is Catholic- and not the holiday Catholic but she went to church every week. We would generally cook/eat together so whenever she celebrated Lent I did too. We would both pick something to give up (sugar, Dr. Pepper, etc.) and then we had fun planning meals for our no meat fridays. Ranch, cheese, tomatos, cucumbers in a tortilla was one of our favorites. This being said I don't think I have really done anything with Lent since I moved out...maybe I will change it this year. I have to think quickly though :)

  2. My daughter and I decided to go more meatless over the summer. Now, like you, I am trying to give up all processed foods and make healthier choices.

    I saw your comment on Clover Lane on the 40 Bags post, I love Sarah's 40 Bags idea and I NEED to do it! I am hosting a link-up on my blog. Normally, I would not ever copy someone's idea, but since Sarah is not doing it, I asked her if she would mind. Please feel free to stop by and link-up your blog. Doesn't have to be a particular post--maybe we can all offer each other encouragement to keep filling those bags and decluttering!



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