A Day Spent Working in the Sunshine

We finished our raised bed garden boxes this morning. I filled them with dirt. It didn't take long to realize I only had half the dirt I needed, so we made a trip back to TLC to get twenty-five more forty pound bags of top soil. Another thousand pounds that I unloaded from Olive into our backyard. In the last two days I have unloaded 2,400 pounds of soil and compost, and I lifted each forty pound bag at least twice. I like manual labor. :)

Our garden is mostly planted. I built a pea tee-pee after I got all the soil in place for our sweet peas to climb. It's cute. And I think it's brilliant. I love sweet peas straight from the vine. I can't see a sweet pea without thinking of my Uncle Ray and Aunt Teri. They had a lovely garden in Kamas Utah, and my family went to visit them every summer. The first year they grew sweet peas, I way overate my share. They were perfect.

I used this template as a guide for our garden. I switched some things up, added more of some things we eat a lot of like kale and onions, and omitted things we don't eat much like eggplant. One of the things I added was okra. I plan to pickle lots of it, eat plenty of it in gumbo and jambalaya, and finally figure out how to fry it up right. I'll draw up a template of our actual garden soon. I spent all day outside except for Cora's dance lesson and making lunch. I loved it. I LOVE being outside, and I'm glad I have an extra super great reason to get me out there. I hope our summer won't be completely brutal and that we'll have a bountiful harvest. And I'm pretty sure we need a hammock.

Our raised beds in position.

This is the point I realized we didn't have enough soil.

Soil and compost mixed. I couldn't get over how beautiful all the dirt looked.

 Positioning the plants before planting them. I also used seeds in addition to plants that were already started.

Battle wounds from carrying so many bags of soil.

 Super fantastic helpers.

I'll post pictures of everything in the ground sometime soon. When I came in a little after nine tonight, I told Jake I felt like I'd just put a third child to bed. 

PS: Since we couldn't use our stove for several days while we were refinishing our floors, we found a lot of raw recipes to make for dinner. Tonight we had zucchini "pasta" with cashew alfredo sauce. It was amazing. I'm going to keep this trend going. 


  1. I was just organizing my Facebook account and doing some spring cleaning, and realized you weren't there! Which, 1) makes me feel like a horrible friend for not noticing that you were gone, and 2) makes me realize how much I miss you!

    Some days, when I'm driving and looking at houses as I go by, I think about the days we would spend driving through Gold Canyon, exploring unfinished houses, planning our lives, dreaming. That time that we drove out to Peralta Trail and Lou overheated, and we were trying to figure out if we had enough water and food to survive out there. I think of you when I get cramps and how we were doing stretches on the track during flag practice to try to get rid of our cramps. Or when I'm shaving my knees and I remember that time that I shaved my legs at your house and you told me that it's easier to shave your knees without cutting yourself if you straighten your leg, rather than bending it.

    I think of you often, how your beautiful light has made such an impression in my life, and still to this day I get warm fuzzy feelings when I think about you. I hope you and your beautiful family are well, and know that I miss you and love you!

  2. Stacia - This comment made my day. I think fondly about those times in my life, and the deep connections I had in the relationships I shared with dear friends.

    I wonder what our adventures would look like today, as well as the dreams we'd come up with for ourselves. I love you, too, and hope to see you sometime in the not so distant future.



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