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Yes. We finally did it. And we've had her for more than three days. Meet Alice. She is a 12-week-old standard poodle. I very randomly came across her. I'd been looking for doors on craigslist, and thought, "Hey, I wonder if there are any dogs on here." She was from Texas, but just across the Oklahoma border. I always thought we would adopt, but everything went so smoothly, and this girl is so sweet. She's already a fixture in our family. We're working on housebreaking. It's going really well. She loves her crate. I was really nervous about having a puppy, but it's really neat to see a dog with its natural instincts still intact. She very much wants to be part of the pack, and the things that humans usually mess up with their furry pals haven't been messed up with her. ;) An example: she walks at heel on her leash. I'm trying to make sure that stays intact and that we set a really great foundation for her in these first few months.


I watched these clouds build just to the east of us. Sometimes clouds like these are scary in Oklahoma, but because it was to the east instead of west, I could just watch. I love the spring storms here, just not the damage they cause. It's incredible to see part of nature working in such a grand way.


On Saturday, Jake and I went to a production of Leonard Bernstein's Mass. It was breathtaking, and hard, and ugly and beautiful. It was both simple and a spectacle. OCU did it with Canterbury Choral Society at the Civic Center. (Everyone has been talking about how OCU shows could be even better if we had a theatre space on campus that could function in the way the Civic Center does. - OCU has a beautiful theatre, it's just covered under lots and lots of gray paint and old-school equipment.) It was an experience that I was glad to have. From "A Simple Song" [Sing God a simple song. Make it up as you go along. Sing like you like to sing. God loves all simple things. For God is the simplest of all...] to "Thank You," many pieces resonated with me. "Thank You" was especially touching.

People who have a gift for saying the right thing. That is all.

I do not love these

Earthquakes. Jake and I woke to one just before two this morning. There were five total. Jake felt another one as well, which is rare because he almost always sleeps through big things, and I'm just about the lightest sleeper around. I never thought that earthquakes would be part of my experience in Oklahoma, but they've been present since not long after we moved back from Chicago. When we had the biggest one, a 5.6, last year, they found a correlation between wastewater wells (old oil wells that hold wastewater that is the byproduct of fracking - the wells are pressurized during their receiving life, and the pressure is released once they are deemed full - the thought is that the pressure on large amounts of water can interrupt fault lines and lead to tremors) and the earthquake.

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  1. Good luck with the puppy stage! They are super cute but holy crap they sure try your patience!



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