The Material Desires of My Heart

My birthday is coming up. And I actually want some things this year. Most of the time, when people ask, I really don't know what I want. Some of these things are sort of practical. Some are sort of not. Some are things I need. Some are things I want.

I've had a Vera Bradley All in One Wristlet for four years now. I love it. I would keep using it until it was no longer usable, but I got a new phone a couple of months ago, and I need to move up to the Carry it All Wristlet because my phone no longer fits in the phone slot. My current wallet is yellow (the Bali Gold print from Summer 2009), and they haven't had a new mostly yellow print since last fall with Provencal, but I believe I love Tutti Frutti the most, maybe. I like the pop of pink it has that my current wallet also has. But I also love the red and turquoise and green in Provencal. Color decisions are difficult for me.

These shoes from Boden in tan.

Either Pretty by Elizabeth Arden...

...or J'adore by Christian Dior.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.

A guitar. I haven't figured out which one just yet, but I need one with a small neck because my hands are fingers are really short. We have a guitar, but it has issues. Jake can play around the buzzing. The last string doesn't play at all, but for a newbie, I need all of the strings to work.

And last but not least, probably the most: Wheel Throwing Class with Marvin Embree. I took this class with my birthday money two years ago, and it was wonderful. Not just the pottery part or the smell of wet clay part, or the members of my class part, I loved my teacher. Marvin Embree is super awesome, and kind. He's a good example of what all teachers should be (except that you know he's one of a kind). He has a studio in the Paseo, and saved a burned cd of the song 'Magnolia' for me for over a year because he thought he'd see me sooner. Unfortunately, it has almost been a year since I've seen him last. (At the Paseo Arts Festival last year.) On the portfolio page of his site, I can't stop looking at the Wayne Cabin painting. I love it, and I love that he has a Magnolia painting. I think I'm going to send him an email as soon as I publish this post. 


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