Spring, sort of. And the Memorial Marathon.

Tonight was the fourth night I had to cover the plants in our garden because of the expected freeze. Yesterday, the high was 78, I'm not sure that it broke 40 today - the windchill was much less. As I put on my warmest coat to go outside and put buckets over my tender leafy greens, I uncovered my gardening hat, and thought that I'd much rather be wearing that. And I'm ready to put all of our winter stuff back in its space bag in the attic. Summer clothes equal a much less cramped closet.

In less than a week, I'm running a 10k as part of a marathon relay for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I ran a 5k last year. My prep for this year's race has been seriously lacking, I'm not going to lie, but I'm really excited to take it all in this year, and not worry a single bit about a time. I'm running the last leg of the 5-person relay, which is really exciting because the last part of my leg runs through my very own neighborhood before finishing downtown. If I was running the half marathon, I would run right in front of Dot, instead, I'm running three blocks south of her. I think I'll ride Josephine (my bike) down to the starting area this year before catching the shuttle to my relay exchange. Last year, I rode Scoot.

I'm thinking about my friend Jennifer who ran her first marathon at last year's Memorial Marathon. She picked up running when I lived in Chicago. I think she's running inspirational. I wish I had her stick-to-it-ness with the sport. I hope our finishes are somewhere close to each other this year. Last year she finished after my relay team, but I was watching for her the whole time we were waiting for our final runner. And in case you're keeping track: Last year my team's name was "The Smokin' Hot Mamas." This year, we are "Runnin' it & Lovin' it."


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