Swimsuits, Yoga, and Dandelion Wine

It all started when the swimsuit I ordered came in the mail. I tried it on, and I loved it. 

I've tried on about 30 swimsuits since March. I bought one, and then returned it because I realized if ever I bent over, the top wouldn't stay put. No good. 

I was nervous about ordering a suit I'd never tried on, but one of the reviews said that she had trouble with one-piece suits because she had such a long torso. DING DING DING! That's my problem too. After hearing that someone else with super long torso syndrome thought this suit could be a winner, I took a chance. When I put it on, it was perfect. See how I don't have a wedgie, and my chest is covered. This is a miracle, I tell you.
After a celebratory, I FOUND THE ONE, picture, I decided to move along with some yoga. I passed my camera, and one thing led to another, and today's yoga practice ended up being well documented. The focus of my practice today was arm balances. Let it be known that I got my swimsuit at 9:00 this morning, put it on immediately, and I still haven't taken it off. 

The following are a series of shots showing the progression into a headstand:

I overshot it. I think I saved this one, but it's a good example of why I don't stray too far from something to catch me on the other side. I'm still working on a solid core. Proof:

But sometimes practicing too close to a wall (in this case a door) can get in the way. See how my left leg needed to move farther than the door would allow:
I moved back a bit on my mat.

I concluded with "Wild Thing," which is one of my favorite poses right now. I like opening up my heart.

I'm off to change out of my swimsuit. I think seven hours without the prospects of swimming is enough, though if I didn't have anywhere to be, I might just keep it on. Dandelion Wine is begging me to start reading it, and it's just about time to go pick up my girls from Summer on the Farm at Keystone.

PS: My swimsuit is the Haute Wave one-shoulder one-piece by Kenneth Cole. I got it here. And it's the first one-piece I've purchased in over a decade.


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