Three Sleeps

With three sleeps left in Dot, I've had laundry detergent on my mind. It makes perfect sense to me because I won't be able to use my favorite detergent anymore as we switch from having our own washer and dryer to a communal laundry room. (But I'm getting my very own dishwasher!)

I've been a loyal user of Charlie's Soap for the last two years. What I love about it:
- all natural
- biodegradable
- unscented
- it leaves our clothes super soft without fabric softener
- for something unscented, it makes my clothes smell fresh and clean. I always sniff a piece or two as I'm switching between the washer and dryer. That's my favorite "clean scent."

I would continue to use it, but for Charlie's to be optimal, you must have a washer free of residue left by other detergents. It suggests running a load or two with towels and rags and double the amount of Charlie's to "detox" the machine. Using shared laundry facilities, there is NO way I'm going to go through the extra effort.

In the last two years, I've grown to dislike scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners (I think they're overwhelming), so unscented is a must. I also think that clothes that have been washed/dried with fabric softeners/dryer sheets feel funny on my skin. I used to ALWAYS use Downy. And I used to love how my clothes would smell and feel, so this is new for me too. It's a lesson in less is more.

I also prefer powder to liquid detergents now. Charlie's! How could you do this to me?

As I've been researching brands, I think that Nellie's Laundry Soda is in the lead. Are there any other natural, biodegradable powder detergents that leave my clothes soft without fabric softener/dryer sheets I should be looking at?


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