Exploring at the Speed of Light

Cora loves to help unload the dishwasher. This love began with 'flatware.' She would hold up a spoon or fork and repeat her "here" until I would take it from her with a "thank you." She would let out a gleeful sound and go for another utensil.

Her help has evolved as her mind and legs have expanded.

After all the spoons and forks [I grab all of the knives as soon as I open the dishwasher] were put away, she climbed up onto the door and stood ready to help with the top rack. She handed me bowls and cups and spatulas.

And somewhere in the last week, she has really figured out climbing. I feel like we're constantly baby proofing. We baby-proofed for crawling, baby-proofed for pulling up, for walking [with her walker], and now for climbing. She really enjoys climbing into things, especially drawers. When she gets in, she just likes to sit- and not to be disturbed after the initial recognition for what she has done.

I love my little explorer. I've also really grown to appreciate her naps.

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  1. Cora is a doll and it's amazing how unhelpful they are when they are so pleased with being helpful. Now that Maylee is almost 3, she is becoming more helpful for real. She was helping me sew today and was cutting the thread for me. I was so happy that we were working on something together.



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