Maiden Voyage

Cora took her first ride on Josephine in her new carrier. I did take her for a spin around the block once before - she was strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn. She loves riding on our bike. I love having her with me.

Jake really enjoyed his quick trip to Chicago. He loves the program and the faculty and the other admitted students.

The only thing that isn't absolutely perfect about the whole thing perfect is funding...[and that I'm still not living on a farm ;)]

It isn't official yet, but so far it's looking like a 2/3 fellowship. It means that out of 5 years of funding, the first 2 years will have full tuition and fees covered, but no stipend [he also wouldn't have any teaching responsibilities]. During the last 3 years he would have full tuition and fees covered, as well as a teaching stipend.

The first 2 years would be really difficult financially. We don't want to take out additional student loans for the sole fact of numbers. In the end he'll be a professor, and the return in the form of income might not outweigh the amount of loans we take out as a means to an end. Also, the U of C has a very rigorous program. The semesters are just 10 weeks long, so courses are very condensed. He could have upwards of 300 pages of reading each week for his classes, so a job that would pay enough money for us to live off of would be a huge stress on his time.

We still have 5 schools to hear from, and maybe, just maybe Chicago will give him a "5/5" fellowship.

He spent Monday night listening to Jazz [Patricia Barber Quartet] at the Green Mill. I'm a bit jealous of that one...


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