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I wrote a little blurb about my great-grandma not long ago, and ever since that evening I can't stop thinking about other giants in my life.

I had the rare privilege of being around a lot of my extended family because of the close proximity I always was to my grandparents. Every time some one came to visit them, I got to see them too. When they (mostly Grammy) went to visit others, I often went along. I always felt a special bond to all of their siblings, as. As the days go by, I hope to write little blurbs about all of them, and the role they played in my life, for each one, to me, was significant.

For now, a list of names.

The children [and their spouses] of Marion and Agness Lund:
Denzel M (D) [Anabelle Dennis (D) - Cleo]
Irl J (Grandpa) (D) [Betty Jane McInnes]
Nathel (D) [Thomas Loyal Steele]
Gail B (D) [Elnora Slade]
Cloyd E (D)
Janel [Donald Winslow Farr]

The children [and their spouses] of James and Isabel McInnes:
Betty Jane (Grammy) [Irl J Lund]
James King II (Buddy/Bud) [Bette Ann Tirey (D) - Hazel Lee]
Hannah Louise [Leo Mosier Bradshaw]
Andrew Daniel (Drew) [Laura Mae]
Murray Stephen [Mary Anna Sorensen]
William Maxwell (Max) [Nancy Annette Wood]


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