Wrinkly Toes

I just got out of a bath. This was a luxurious bath,

in the middle of the day

with bubbles and a book of poetry.

I got to use my freshly opened bar of Dove soap, I shaved my legs, and I microdermed my face. When I got out, I lotioned up and treated my wrists to a bit of Princess.

The icing on the cake to all of this is that my Coco is still sleeping.


  1. That sounds like heaven. The funny thing is, I could totally do it right now... since I have no children and am unemployed and bored out of my mind... but the urge just isn't there. I'm sure the urge WILL be there when I'm gainfully employed again or suddenly have a 'lil child to take care of. Strange how that works, mmm?

  2. Hey BrieAnn- this has nothing to do with your post- but yes, both of our programs are two years!



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