The Last Two Days.

On Sunday we went to Holdenville after church to celebrate Vaughn, Parker, Becky, and Kory's birthdays. I drove a 4-wheeler for my first time...and went fishing for about my fourth time. No fish, though I did get a nibble. I'm secretly glad when I don't really catch anything. I'm the catch and release type, but the barb on the end of a hook can cause damage to a fish's jaw that affects their ability to eat.

Answer: barb-less hooks...that I never seem to have on hand.

Meemaw and Peepaw live in Yeagar, OK, and are almost always the hosts for the big birthday bashes. They have 80 acres, and there's something about those 80 acres that makes me fall a little more in love with Oklahoma every time I'm there. The view looking off to the west/northwest is what I think Oklahoma is. Rolling hills, trees, ponds, a view that seems to stretch out forever, and a big sky with sunsets that never disappoint.

Here is a little glimpse at almost the right angle. Please excuse the PDA:

Okay, and here is another one from a few years ago. This is Jake's mom's side of the family [the Meemaw and Peepaw side..minus three people and plus one]. It gives an even better idea of what the sky does when uninhibited. I love these people, every single one. I can't imagine coming into a better family (and that includes his dad's side as well).

That's enough Oklahoma sentimentality for one evening. On our way home from the birthday bash, we hit a raccoon going somewhere around 65 mph. Our front bumper is cracked and the undercarriage protector (I don't know if that's an official name, but it's that part that inevitably ends up sagging on almost every car), was knocked loose. There was a point where we thought we might be leaking oil, but we're good.

I went to the dentist for a "screening" to see if I could help with a board examination. Fortunately and unfortunately I have no cavities, so I'll have to forgo a trip to Memphis with friends. I'm proud to be 23 and cavity free. I do, however, have a few "sticky" spots. I love to brush my teeth. I like to compare my tooth brush with Jake's. We always get new ones at the same time, but it always looks like I've had mine for eons compared to his after the first few weeks. I brush for a good three minutes each time. I do need to floss more.

Today Cora learned how to move her walker (the kind you stand behind and walk with, not the sit in kind) in more than just one direction. She can now back it up and turn it around. We went to Wal-Mart, and she said hi to almost everyone we saw, one person was a colleague I taught with at Northwest Classen. I needed some mascara, and low and behold, my favorite mascara was in a special double package. Two for the price of one! Over a five dollar value. I was glad because before I went I was feeling sort of guilty about buying a "luxury" item.

I've had the same tube since July. I was entitled.

I also bought two bars of Dove soap. I've been feeling the need to lather up the old fashioned way. And the smell always reminds me of my great-grandma's - Grandma Izzie - bathroom [isn't is funny how we sometimes never know how to officially spell a person's nickname because you never need to know...her 'real' name was Isabel]. She always had bars of pink Dove soap.

She was a feisty one, that Isabel, but I suppose she made up for it with things like pink soap and fancy perfume bottles.


  1. Oh how you talked about Grandma Izzy... I sure miss her. Did you know my mom was Sharon Isabell? I am going to name my first girl Isabell Sharon after them both... I wish we could see you more often. And also, I am 25 and cavity free... yeah!

  2. Good teeth must run int he family! I can't say I am completely cavity free- I had one small one from throwing up so much with pregnancies- but only one little one and I'm 32- I hope all my kids get my teeth! I remember eating candy at Grandma Izzie's- the hard old fashioned kind. I also remember hugging her and thinking wow- this lady could break she is so tiny! But I am a Dove fan- can't survive with out my Dove! When money was tight I just bought the 2 pack every few weeks and made my own little storage of it!
    Um, who is Rachel- I guess we would be related if she has Grandma Izzie too?!

  3. BrieAnn, I love how you speak about your in-laws. It is such a blessing to have great in-laws and that you love them and get along with them.
    My husband is 38 and he has never had a cavity, you are lucky to have some good genes!



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