An Afternoon at the Beach

We live a few blocks away from Lake Michigan. There are wonderful parks and bike trails all along the lakefront...18 miles of it anyway. It's about a mile and a half to the closest beach, and that was our destination today.

She's still dry...

There are always so many lovely boats.

Promontory Point (Beautiful views of Chicago's skyline can be seen from here).

We didn't wear our swimsuits because I didn't know what the water would be like. Big mistake. The water was perfect, and Cora would have appreciated a 'lil Swimmers diaper.

And randomly, I ran into a woman who moved here about 5 weeks ago. In our conversation, we discussed her husband being a Phd student at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, a place I applied at. After a little more conversing, she said she was a little overwhelmed at her new job at the seminary. I inquired a little more, and she got the job I applied for in financial aid. They received over 80 resumes...what an unusual commonality. Everywhere I go, I meet someone new. I've been exchanging contact information with people I've known for less than like 2 minutes. I'll write more about this wonderful communal place soon.


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