Cora's Room and a Cozy Place for You

We got Cora's room straightened out, for the most part, this morning. I snapped a few shots. She needs A LOT more art on the walls, but it's fun. Everything is really accessible to her.

We bought this rug to go under the table, but Cora is really into spitting her food out, or throwing it on the floor, so we moved the rug to her room so we wouldn't be afraid of eating at our table.

(Aren't the floors gorgeous?)

I found a tapestry on clearance at Target that I intend to make curtains out of, but I've been going back and forth because I don't want to obstruct her view or the great light. The tapestry looks like a bunch of hand-drawn pictures in green, blue, orange, brown, and a raspberry red color, all on a creamy backdrop. There are owls and trees and clouds and other friendly things. Some of the sayings are "I give a hoot," "I love trees," and a few more things along those lines...very cute.

And this is for you when you come and visit. Meemaw and I made the pillows and bedspread. I'll take pictures of the "office" half of the room later.


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