Getting Older

There is something glorious about getting older. It has everything to do with becoming more at ease with myself.

glo⋅ri⋅ous [glawr-ee-uh s, glohr-] adjective delightful; wonderful; completely enjoyable

When I look back on the years I've lived so far, of all the things I could regret, the only thing I really do is not always being the kind of person I wanted to be. I wish I would have been a little kinder, a little better - times I wish I would have stood up to things with which I did not agree.

With age comes a sort of liberation. A freedom from the oppression of oneself. While I certainly hold onto ingrained self-consciousness, I am aware that most of these things have little to do with the person I actually am, and more to do with me letting other people's expectations govern the decisions I make. There isn't a map laid out of where life will go or the experiences I'll meet, but there is confidence in knowing that I can make it. I've got the goods to carry me through, and I know that I will be made more insightful for my diligence in becoming.

I love the motto my biological father once wrote me in a letter:

"Follow your bliss, stick to your guns, and never let them take you alive."


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