Yesterday was my first swim in Lake Michigan. I can hardly call it a swim, as the water was never beyond my waist while standing up, but it was delightful. I might have a fear of large bodies of water. And might stands because I don't want to have one, but whenever I take off to swim in a body of water I can't see the other side of, my breath leaves me. I first swam without floaties at the pool in my grandparents' retirement community. It was the pool I swore contained a boa constrictor from the pet store at Tri-City mall in the deep end, all 6 feet of water.

So I don't know if the fear comes from what I think lies beneath, or from my two very near drowning incidents. The first one was at Sunsplash in the wave pool. I was 12 or 13, and I got stuck under someone in an innertube. I was just about to use my last bit of energy when my Uncle David comes out of nowhere, pushes me up and out of the water, and gets me all the way back to calmer waters. The second time, I was older in high school, I think it was during my junior year. I did a weird dive off the board and started laughing about it before I hit the water. I'm coming up for hair, but realize my top came up, so I stay down to fix it, and that's when it happens....my laughter has used up my air supply, and my lungs involuntarity inhale. I was hopping towards the shallow end, and every time I came up for air, I would cough and go back under. Sarah Keller saved me that time, and I almost barfed on Nathaniel's shoulder because I was coughing so much. Good times. Anyway, I love water, and I don't want to be afraid of it. At the same time, I've tried really hard to not be so afraid of snakes, but I can't do it. Something abour their cold, scaly, contracting bodies in my hands just doesn't agree with my senses. I wasn't afraid of the ocean in Hawaii, maybe because it was so warm.

And even more on the matter: I've always been a little jealous of the meaning of my sister's name. Her name is Marissa, and it means "of the sea." Beautifully put.

I didn't mean to wander so far into water, but apparently I had a lot to get off my chest about it. Next, I would like to discuss Portraits in Malibu at aesthetic pursuits. I love this blog, and I'm pretty sure I would love hanging out with the blogger all the time. Don't you want to run around on the beach in a wedding dress? I DO! Lauryl, I would be a fake bride model for you any day (I saw a couple doing their wedding shoot on Michigan Avenue and thought of you).

And last, but certainly not least: Please go here. A friend from our church in Oklahoma is missing. Please remember David and his family in your prayers..


  1. i'd enjoy hanging out with you, too! ;-) perhaps someday we can do a fake wedding shoot together. that would make me happy.

  2. Thanks for posting about David. I hope that he is able to be found soon!!!

  3. you know what freaks me out about large bodies of water is when it is warm ontop and then you go to kick and the lower your feat are the more freezing it is...that creaps me out!



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