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  1. So I am still learning about all this stuff but a few things that I wanted to say (or maybe vent?) about the healthcare-based on what I see where I live- is: I agree that healthcare needs to be looked at and redefined...I do not think the government should be in the bus. of healthcare...medicaid/care is govern. healthcare...and I pay for that in addition to my own private insurance! I also think most issues on cost and waste (at least in Vegas) would be significantly reduced if ppl who are here illegally with terminal cases were sent back to their own country. I know it isnt right that their own gov. cant provide for them-however, I am more concerned with my gov. trying to fix everyone else...thats all for now! I do appreciate you posting the video...I disagree that the whitehouse website is more transparent than ever but I am glad you are involved as a citizen! love you!

  2. By law, illegal immigrants--as well as everyone else without health insurance--can receive subsidized health care only in emergency rooms, so sending those with terminal illnesses to their home country would frankly have no affect on health care spending. Also, there was a recent study done by the University of Michigan that, for me anyway, shed some light on the issue. Illegal immigrants, it turns out, are not responsible for most of the long lines and excessive spending in emergency rooms, mostly because they tend to wait until they are extremely sick before going to the ER for fear of being ousted. In fact, those most responsible for clogging the system are the large numbers who qualify for Medicaid/Medicare who still cannot receive health care from private physicians because of a lack of funding. If the government doesn't intervene in a substantial way, I'm not sure any of these problems will ever fix themselves.

  3. If 4 minutes is all it takes to explain his simple plan, why does it take 3000+ pages and 500 amendments to write it down. Even our Congressmen are planning on voting on it before they read it. Have you read the bill? Parts of it? Soundbites do not say it all. Research includes studying both sides of an issue. Just because someone disagrees with your view does not mean they have not studied the issue and weighed it against their life experiences, and come up with a different RIGHT answer as they see it. Aunt Liz

  4. Aunt Liz! I'm excited to finally see a comment because I know you read everyone's blogs.

    I posted the four minute version of Obama's speech because I knew that most people wouldn't have time to watch the 40+ minute full-length version (which I posted a link to in a previous post). I posted his speech in the first place because I think he did a great job of stating the overall goals of health care reform. One certainly cannot glean the full magnitude of the bill in four minutes, but it's a good grounds to clear up many misconceptions that exist.

    As far as researching both sides: I always weigh both sides of an issue, and can hardly express how glad I am when people do the same. It is so important to be informed with factual information. There tends to be so many conspiracy theories and inflated statistics that go around when an issue is present. My goal is always to get to the bottom of those.

    I completely understand the desire to keep the government in check, to not allow it into private business and lives any more than it needs to be. At the same time, my personal experience with private insurance companies has been met with conflict since Jake and I got our own policy when we were married. I had to sign away any covered treatment for asthma and allergies because it was a preexisting condition and would have turned our already ridiculous coverage (no insurance help until we reached our 10,000 deductible for the year) from 120/month to over 500/month, something we simply could not afford. After I had Cora, I fought with the insurance company for almost a year over technicalities in physicians and whether or not my c-section incision was really part of my postpartum recovery. I got off easy, but I know so many more than me who pay hefty monthly sums for healthcare and go bankrupt because they aren't as lucky as me.

    There is a fabulous model of private insurance/healthcare, but I think something like 2 such models exist in the country. I have hope in fairness and ingenuity. I think these programs are amazing, but they are such a rare case, and I can't see any other private insurance companies following suit without some sort of intervention.



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