It's hotter 'n fire today, and Jake decided to remove a stump from our front yard. He succeeded.

We've been looking for a great three-year-old program for Cora. We've been strIIIIIIking out. Hopefully soon. Both the schools we've visited so far have specifically mentioned cutting and gluing as activities. Those are fine and good, but they are free at home. And she's already pretty rockin' at them. She's also pretty close to mastering the task of writing her name.

We're going to LIVE! on the Plaza tonight. Hounds of the Heartland will be there. It's a greyhound rescue, and they will have Delta, a dog we've been in the talks of adopting. It will be our first meeting. I feel excited. And a little nervous about extra responsibility.

I've been hot for the last week. It's the pits. This heat wave is the pits.

I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow. That's not true. But it would be awesome if it was.

I had something else to say. I can't remember.

Jake and I are going to plant like 7 trees around our house. Shade. And we've been anxiously awaiting the results of the soil sample we sent off, so we know what we need to grow some grass. Because we have a lot of weeds and clover right now. It's not that great. It will be.

I had a super awesome time in Bentonville, AR for the Fourth. You see, I have a cousin, Alissa, who has been there for quite a while, and we haven't seen one another since her dad's funeral in Nov. 2003. Sad. But we remedied that. She has four girls. They are all so sweet. Cora cried when we left. I don't blame her. If it wasn't so hot, I'd post pictures. But that extra expenditure of energy would put me over the edge.


  1. My girls were so sad after you guys left!! We difineitely need to do this more often. Baylee just think "Nolia" is napping ever since you left- so confused!
    Thanks for spending time with us and teaching me so much- I made pizza with lots of veggies and guess what?? My kids ate it with out even complaining because you showed them it's not so bad to eat veggies!

  2. hope the weather gets is awful everywhere right now...floods, fires, tornados, droughts, etc

  3. sorry I forgot...let me know abt the preschool issue...

  4. Preschool is more comlicated than one might think. It is true that you have to pay for things you can do for them at home, that is why my kids stayed with me. If I had HAD the money, I would have totally done it though. For a few years we did the co-op with other stay at home moms. That worked well.But poor Becca, she never had one ounce of anything but me! I think she might struggle the first little while at following rules. She'll figure it out.

    The internet was a wonderful tool. I made my own lesson plans and activites. It was great! My goal was to have all my kids reading by Kindergarten. I did it! So if I can, I know anyone can!I do have a lot of ideas in this brain. I'm willing to share, if you decide to do it yourself.



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