I've been obsessing

Our car, Staci, is acting up. Our one car. The only car we have. This is the second time this year.

We bought this car a few weeks before we moved to Chicago (about 2 years ago). We bought her because the transmission went out on our old car, you know, the one that was paid for. We bought her because she was cheap and didn't have very many miles, and we were going to be in Chicago, we were hardly going to drive anyway (and we didn't...drive much).

And then we moved back to Oklahoma. And we drive a lot. Not a lot like some people drive a lot. I mean, I'm a stay at home mom, and Jake rides his bike less than a mile to work, but a lot more than we did.

Rather than being in the market for longevity, we were in the market for lowest miles/lowest payment. We were very successful. I really like our car. I do. We also bought her about 2 months before Magnolia was conceived. :) If I could have had eyes for the near future, we would have looked for something a little bigger.

So back to the point - and the title. We haven't been able to get her into the dealership yet, but I have been obsessively looking for a different car. I know exactly what I want. It's just a matter of finding "the one" that works with our budget. We went to a dealership last night and test drove a few options.

Cora was beside herself at the thought of not having "Staci Car." She loves our car. Loves is an understatement. I am also quite fond. She's not my dream car, but I really appreciate her for all that she is.

I'm going to just keep going.....

I have this thing for cars. I've been able to name every make and model since I can remember. When I was 3, I would say "ohh, a beemer" every time I saw a BMW. No joke. And I said it in my head until well into my teens. I also know completely random facts about different models, and I don't know how I know them, I just do. I like driving. I like cars. I like knowing how they work. I used to like racing people off the line. My first car, Lou, an 88 Buick LeSabre never lost.

Anyway, I guess Staci acting up, and me not wanting to put a bunch of money into her has pushed me over the edge. I'm me. Of course I jump at any little opportunity to go drive different cars. And because Staci isn't the most powerful under the hood, one of the seriously least powerful engines ever.... You get my point. I have scoured local dealerships. There's a car I love in Dallas (of course...everything is in Dallas - like IKEA), but ugh. (Dallas isn't even a local dealership! Why was I looking there?!? I have completely lost it.)

I just don't know if continuing to fix Staci will be worth it in the end, or if it would be super silly to dive into different car-dom if Staci is an easy fix.

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  1. I totally get it! Its kind of why we got a new car in November...Britt's car was one we were not willing to rely on but she's been driving it just fine...oh well...I do love my new car :)



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