Spontaneous Demolition

It started out with me starting to remove the lovely late 80's, early 90's wallpaper border from around our kitchen.

I wanted something more tolerable than peachy-pinkish white paint and mauve floral wallpaper. I mean, a temporary fix that would get us by until we got our new kitchen.

Jake came home from work early...

He reminded me of my desire for open shelving, and said he could try taking one of the cabinets down. I reminded him that this was supposed to be easy. He said it would be. Just taking down a few screws and pulling the cabinet out.

After a while, I consented. He took the screws out, the cabinet was jammed in the fur down/soffit. We eventually wanted to take that down anyway. I told him he could make a hole in it no bigger than what we could easily patch. He did. And he couldn't see what he needed to. The hole got bigger and then became two holes, and you already know where this is going...

In the process, we exposed a lot more of that old chimney. My heart is so happy about that.

We're picking up drywall and stuff for open shelving tomorrow. Don't worry, I already picked up the paint...you know, back when this was going to be easy. The uppers/shelves will be White Dove by Benjamin Moore. The lowers will be Marina Gray by BM. The walls will be the same as the rest of the house: Halo.

Wish us luck.


  1. can't wait to see it! Good Luck!

  2. How exciting! I know it will look geat!

  3. This is how we live so much of the time!!! Kim always wants to make a little change--which usually turns into a BIG change!! Enjoy the journey! I'll be watching for pic's. Aunt Liz



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