Today I bought Cora panties for the first time. She's been potty trained for quite some time, don't be alarmed, but she has always always received cute panties from grandmas and aunts on birthdays or at Christmas. Her drawer at home is full of such panties, but we are not at home, and we forgot to pack panties for our overnight stay at Tracey and Vaughn's (aka Gram and Offey) house.

We always forget something.

So I ran to Walmart after dinner and stood in front of the the overwhelming rack of panties for little girls. There are boy shorts and hipsters and bikinis and briefs. And a million different brands. I know that Hanes fit her really well, but they don't have a resealable package that you can pull a pair out to see, which is lame. After about 15 minutes, I just picked the print I thought she'd like most: My Little Pony.

My girl is super into magical ponies and especially unicorns. Ponies were my only chance of competing with her super favorite Dora panties. She loved them. And so did Magnolia. As I type, Magnolia is in bed with a pair of panties on over her footed pj's. I tried to take them off before I laid her down, but there was instant lip quiver.

Tomorrow is Easter. I was going to participate in Lent this year, but I did not. I was going to give up facebook. But then I started thinking how rather than giving it up, I'd like to just exhibit more self control, which isn't hard these days because, let's face it, in the last several months facebook reads like one big forward email. Still, I flirt with the idea of giving it up. My 10 year high school reunion will be in 2013, and I remember how far off it seemed, and how much I would miss my friends and how different we would be, but the mystery is mostly gone because of the "great unifier." I miss mystery. I've proved this to myself by the mere fact that I am far more interested in people who don't live their lives on facebook vs. those who do. I felt so ashamed when I went through the phase of thinking in status updates. This whole facebook thing is really just a side note.


It would have been one thing for Christ to live a good life worthy of emulation. It would have been another thing for his story to be about overcoming physical death. He wasn't an either/or. His life is an example of loving kindness. And his death and resurrection will continue to give so many hope that life does continue beyond the grave.

I waiver from time to time on the latter point. I want there to be something more than this life. Most of the time, I feel very strongly that there is. But there are also times when I know that I really want to be okay with the idea that this is it. Does that ever diminish Jesus Christ to me? No. Hope is a powerful thing.  


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