What it needed to be

Today was wonderful. I went to the Y and hurried through a run, got ready in record time to make it home for visiting teachers at 11. I saw that I had a message when I got to the car, and one of my VTs said she was running late so they'd be there at 10:15. It was 10:53. I tried calling only the way home, no luck. I pulled up in front of my house at 10:55, yes, I live less than a mile away from the gym. Our garage is in our backyard and our driveway is along the street that runs on the side of our house. I always leave the car out front if I have more errands to run because it's easier (a shorter distance to walk). I thought about what I might have to do, and nothing came to mind, so I pulled our car (still nameless!) into the garage. And it didn't move.


We made sushi for lunch per Cora's request. Magnolia took a nap. I organized my craft stuff (my sewing machine has finally moved inside). Cora built a "spider web" with yarn all around the house and then a rocket out of the box my sewing machine had been in. Magnolia woke up. We had a pretzel snack and some juice.

We don't have juice very often around here, but I've been stuck on cran-raspberry. It reminds me of my Grammy who always had some at her house. A close second was pineapple orange. I skyped with her the other day, and it did my heart so good. Magnolia loves cran-ras as well, and I'm glad for that.

After the snack, we went to the park. Cora rode her bike. Magnolia rode in the stroller with her helmet on. I had packed up our winter stuff in one of those super awesome space bags earlier in the day, and she was so upset that her hats were in there. I had to show her she had some summer hats, but her helmet was also a good substitute.

My girls are seriously rad.

I learned a valuable lesson. I was only on-line for like 30 minutes today, not including the time after they went to bed. My girls were happier, my home was lovelier, my entire being was lighter. It's amazing what a mother giving herself to her children can do. It's something we all know, but rarely get time to test out with all of the (generally superficial) business we let get in the way. I'm going to work really hard at sticking to my guns in terms of priorities. Let me say this right here and now: My family is at the top of the list.

On a final note, I switched my wallflowers to my very favorite scent: pineapple orchid. All of my senses have been truly delighted this day (including the dusting I did after my craft stuff was up with orange pledge - that stuff in divine. Cora even commented on how great it smelled).


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