Good news/Bad news

The good news: It was just water.
The bad news: It came from Cora's stomach (with a few cashews and some gum mixed in).

Reason number four-hundred-seventy-five-thousand-million why I'm glad we have a leather couch: barf. Though it's probably at the top of the list.

The good news: After 6 weeks of not running because of an injured foot, I am running again. Today was my third run. It felt great.
The bad news: The marathon relay is just shy of three weeks away. I injured my foot foot 2 days after I said I wanted to run the relay. I'm sure I'll get up to the distance again, I'm pretty much there, but I'm slowly increasing my runs because I don't have time to re-injure my foot. I just fear a major tortuga pace.

Reason number one why I'm glad I didn't agree to run a longer leg than I did (you know, because I had all those extra weeks of training): surprise injuries.


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