Kitchen Floor Progress

I didn't think ripping up the vinyl floor in our kitchen would be easy, even if the first strip I peeled away may have given me a false sense of the labor it would entail. All of the vinyl flooring is now in a couple trash bags. Finally.

Today I started the process of removing the paper backing and adhesive. That part is especially tedious. I'm using an adhesive remover. I had Jake take the girls to the science museum so they wouldn't be around the fumes. It was a cold day here, but I had all of the kitchen windows open and one in the living room to ensure cross-ventilation. I wore a hoodie.

In taking up the vinyl, we've only found one patch near the sink. There's a 1x1 foot of parquet patch. It could be worse. I was hoping not to find any holes. I did find one tonight when I removed the last of the floor from the laundry room (yes, I decided I might as well keep on going). There's about a 1x3 inch gap where one of the boards doesn't quite make it to the wall. When I peeked through it, I was definitely looking down into the crawl space beneath our house. I stuffed a washcloth in the gap...and put one of my shoes on top of that...just to be safe. I've seen one of the spiders that lives under there.

My whole body is tired after working today. When I stood up from scraping adhesive my double jointed hip caught all funny. And then I realized it wasn't my double jointed hip, and I thought about how flexible I might be if I really did have two double jointed hips. But I just have one, and another that was in a weird position for a little too long. My hands are swollen, my knees are a little bruised, but the final product will be fantastic. I can't wait to see it, especially since seeing it will mean I'm done.

Oh, and for something seriously exciting: I ordered a new washer and dryer yesterday. I'm giddy. A dryer that doesn't burn clothes and a washer where all the cycles work. Dreamy. They're also stackable, so we will be opening up some space in our laundry room. Extra space = Extra Dreamy. They should arrive next Thursday. I'm hoping to have everything with the floors done by then as well as have the laundry room repainted.


  1. You have to be the only person I know who would take on the project in normal clothes and look adorable while doing it. I would have been in ratty sweats. I can't wait to see the finished project. Wish I could help you with it!!

  2. Yea for progress and boo for swollen hands and cold weather.....

  3. Ha! I was in super ratty clothes for most of the day. Like jeans that are super 'holy' and about 3 sizes too big and an old hoodie. I came home from dinner with friends (that I took a record shower to prepare for by throwing my hair into a ponytail and putting on non-ratty clothes), and the laundry room pulled me in. I was determined to get it done - no time to change. ;)

  4. You know I love a good house project but I am glad it is not me doing it lol. Cant wait to see the finished product.



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