My weekend - All about Floors...and then some...

This weekend. Wow.

On Friday I decided that our floors could be done soon. I called my mother-in-law to see if they had plans on Saturday. They were free. WOOO! We met them around 11:15 on Saturday to drop our girls off to spend the night with them since they were already planning to come up to see us on Easter. On our way home, we rented a floor sander from Home Depot. I went home and got to work. Sort of. Part of the floor sander was a little too worn to hold the buffer pad that holds the sandpaper on properly. AND the remnant adhesive was majorly gumming up the sandpaper. I did a bit of research and realized I was using too high of a grit (still not quite knowing the buffer pad wasn't just operator error). I set off on a quest that included two more Home Depots. The first didn't have sandpaper for the machine, and the second explained the buffer pad but couldn't do anything about it because I rented it from a different store. I called the store I rented it from and they said I needed to bring it back and they could quickly fix the problem. But I had a problem. It was too heavy for my to lift into the car and Jake was gone until 10:30. I did what I could and called it a day until this morning.

Home Depot opened at 8, I was there at 8:15. On Easter. When I got home with the fixed sander, I went to a neighbor to ask for assistance getting the sander out of Olive (our car) and into Dot. He agreed. I'll be making his family some sort of baked good as a thank you as soon as my kitchen is functional. Oh, and I almost died on the way home because some cra-cra started slamming on his brakes (with no one around him), so I had to slam on my breaks. Sanders are heavy, and they fly forward with great force. Luckily our console stopped it from coming into the front seat (not without some damage to the console). I tried really hard to be like Jesus in my thoughts toward this driver, but I was unsuccessful because I cussed in my head. More than once. On Easter. I know.

I sanded with 20-grit and then 36-grit. Then I got ready and went to church. Our girls met us there and they were so darling. We went to dinner with Vaughn and Tracey afterwards then home for an Easter egg hunt. We also took lots of pictures which are all on Vaughn's camera, so look forward to that post. They so very graciously agreed to take our girls home for another night so I could finish sanding and start putting the finish on the floors. It was nice having Jake home because he was able to help scrape up adhesive after each sand. I hate adhesive. Really, I do. It almost made me cry even.

I finished sanding with 60 and 80 grit, cleaned the floors extra super great and started with the polyurethane. That's where we are tonight. One coat of of poly down, two more to go. The first three photos are after I finished sanding with 60-grit.

Surveying the work

Me with my orbital sander friend

This is what your booty would look like, too, if you'd been refinishing hardwood floors all day. All day for days.

But it's super worth it because this is what our floor looks like after its first coat of poly.


  1. WAHOO!!!!!! It looks fabulous- just fabulous. Seriously, the hard work was worth it!

  2. Those look amazing. We need to do another girls' night to celebrate your hard work. :-)

  3. Holy Cow! That floor looks so AMAZING! I can't believe how different your kitchen looks and I bet you love it! Way to go BrieAnn!

  4. It looks awesome!! I love it, what hard work you've done- but totally worth it I'd say!

  5. They look so good BrieAnn!! Your "elbow grease" sure did work off!!



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