A bit of murmuring and some predictions

Cora is getting so big! I feel so much bigger than I did last week. I need to take some more pictures. I had a disappointing doctors appointment last week. There were two unrelated issues that just seemed to put a damper on things....No on ever wants to hear that everything isn't PERFECT when they're growing a human being inside. At every visit the first thing I do is go and give a urine sample. They found some protein this time. Protein can be one of the signs of preeclampsia. I gave up some more urine so they could send it to the lab for more tests. The other signs of preeclampsia, neither of which I have, are swelling and high blood pressure. Phew. Those are the main ones...others include headaches, blurred vision, etc. Being that I haven't received a phone call, I'm feeling hopeful that nothing too urgent is going on. The other issue is my gallbladder, which has been an issue for quite a time. The plan has been to wait until Cora is here and then have it taken out. Well, I lost two pounds, so my doctor was going to call and discuss various options with a surgeon, even though surgeons pretty much hate the idea of operating on pregnant ladies. Dealing with my gallbladder will probably come after we see if I've gained weight at the next appointment. I blame my weight entirely on the holidays. We stayed with Jake's grandparents for 2 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Meemaw believes in cooking with grease...Southern cooking at it's best. Losing 2 pounds could very well be my body just getting back to cereal for breakfast. My doctor said she's more worried about me with the weight thing because Cora will take everything she needs, and she didn't want me passing out in front of class or anything. I don't want to see than either. We shall see.

To randomly compound the issue: Today I started leaking massive amounts of snot. Our weather just keeps going from warm to cold. I am getting a cool manly voice though. Nobody ever eats as much when their sinuses are dripping. I've forced a few extra snacks on myself today without being hungry at all because I want to make sure I'm getting enough calories. Enough with this kind of talk...

You know those clear, squishy balls that have like random plastic things in them that you squeeze around to identify? Well, that's what my uterus is. When I lie flat on my back (which I'm not really supposed to do), I can feel so much more of Cora. It's super cool and kind of weird all at the same time. I wish I could tell what everything is! I can't wait to see little knees and fingers and blinky eyes. One of the biology classes at school did a genetic table to see what Cora is going to look like. There is a 4:0 ratio that she's going to be taller than me (5'3 1/4")...Here's how her hair and eyes break down...

9:16 - Brown/Blue
3:16 - Brown/Brown
3:16 - Blonde/Blue
1:16 - Blonde/Brown

I think she'll most likely have blonde hair (if any) and blue eyes when she's born, but I'm anxious to see which is correct!


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