My baby is transverse!!!

So normally a transverse baby wouldn't be a reason for celebration, but transverse means she isn't all the way breech anymore. Transverse: Her head is on one side of my tummy, her bottom is on the other, and her back is facing forward. This position will still require a c-section, but it just means that she's a movin' and shakin', and hopefully trying to get ready!! I'm going to do all kinds of things to try to get her to flip around to where her head is down. A lot of it is elongating my torso. This can be our cheer: "Flip down, Cora, flip down (stomp stomp)."

I laid in bed pretty much all day yesterday. I just felt really bad. I think part of it was her trying to move around. I was just really crampy and achy, and extra contracty. (I like how I make up words to suite my need for adjectives.) It started around noon. I held out for a little white before I called my nurse. I wasn't at all hungry, and that it not normal for me. She hooked me up to the monitors to check our my contractions, which were right on top of one another. My uterus would go several minutes without going back down to its baseline, or resting rate. The contractions are measured on a scale from 0-100. I would have a 60-80 contraction on the scale, and then my uterus would only get back down to a 40 and stay there for a few more waves until finally making its way back down. There has also been an increased amount of pressure lower. I'm still 4 cm dilated and 60-70% effaced, but my doctor said the baby feels lower...and my cervix is in a bit of a different spot. Progress? We shall see. I WILL have this baby eventually!!!! I'm glad there's a guarantee in that!

It's supposed to snow today. Jake isn't going to go down to Norman for school. He's going to study this morning and then go to work. I'm relieved. I always worry about him driving ritual in the morning on my way to work is to pray for a safe drive for him to and from OU. The fact that there's supposed to be blowing snow when he makes his way back up to work, did not float my boat. Neither did it his. I'm excited to see the snow from the inside. I might be able to take an awesome wheelchair ride to the skywalk...I'm certainly going to try anyway. By the way, riding in a wheelchair one of my least favorite things. Maybe if it was like a cool custom wheelchair...but the ride is anything but smooth. All the ones I've been in here, well, and at the other hospital I was feels like the wheels aren't in sync. One of my bo-cheeks is alternately higher than the other as we make our way through the halls.

I'd like to see if I can get weighed today. It's been a while. I'd lost a few pounds at my last doctors appointment, which was almost 3 weeks ago. That was like a huge sin. I didn't mean to lose anything. I'd been eating just fine - with the exception of less things that aggravate my gallbladder. Anyway. I went from 138 to 136. My concern here is that I've had a few days of just fluids. I was looking at my arm last night and thought it looked freakishly thin for me. I know I'm not too big in real life, but it just didn't look normal to me. Maybe it's because my arms now hang out next to a huge belly. Anything would pale in comparison. I was so going to take pictures yesterday, I got dressed in real clothes and everything, but when it came right down to it, I knew that relaxing was a better option. TODAY! My breakfast just got here...I'm out, yo!


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