Tomorrow is our anniversary. I can hardly believe I've been married for four years!! That's awesome. It's amazing to be so in love.

Cora will be here in just over 2 months. I have really enjoyed my winter break. I have to go back on Friday...geez! I think it's to make up a snow day (we used five when the ice storm came...there are only two built into the school year). I'm going to take advantage of it and complete my weekly lesson plans for the semester. That will be a super relief as the time quickly approaches that a sub will be in my class. Last weekend we moved around our study to get it ready to be Cora's room. It feels nice to be getting her space ready. We found a cute dresser at an antique shop. It's perfect, though I'm still trying to decide if I want to paint it more of a turquoise color. We also registered at babies r us (hint hint ;). Her room is going to be brown and pink...with polka-dots. Right now there is a bed in there for those who come to help us in the four weeks between me going back to school and Jake getting out for summer. My mom is coming for two of those weeks, which leaves two weeks open...we're taking volunteers.

Christmas was awesome. Vaughn refinished a trunk that has been in my family for a long LONG it came up from Mexico with my grandparents who eventually settled Mesa. My grandpa took it with him during WWII. When Vaughn was redoing the top, a Japanese coin fell out between the slats of wood. I'm pretty sure it had been in there since he put it there, as it spent about 40 years after the war in a chicken coop. I brought it to him last Christmas, and I really had no idea that he had finished it this Christmas. As soon as I saw the pressed tin under the paper, I started crying...and I just kept crying. Speaking of crying, Jake and I saw Juno yesterday, and I cried for almost the entire last half of the started when Vanessa runs into Juno at the mall.

Tonight we went to dinner with the Lambs and the Grays at Ironstar BBQ (36th & Shartel). They have the BEST house dressing. It's BBQ Ranch. I had a Cobb salad just so I could have some dressing with every bite. Afterwards we went bowling. The Gray's kids met us there. They're all really great. I bowled a 40....and that's with my strike. Yep, a 40. I think it's a record. I'm pretty sure Cora counts as interference. I can't wait to have my gallbladder taken out. It's a killer, but my doctor said that unless it's a super emergency, nobody likes to operate on pregnant ladies. I get it...but it makes food an enemy...Have I mentioned I've gained almost 30 pounds?!? 28 at my last appointment. No stretch marks yet...KNOCK ON WOOD! Hmm, well, that's about it.


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