Help Me Pick Cora’s Birthday!!!!

I went to see the doctor who could perform the External Cephalic Version. He said the version was a no go because her bottom is too far down in my pelvis. He said it would cause excruciating pain for me to get her disengaged. He said there's plenty of amniotic fluid, but there's no way she can flip on her own with contractions every 3-5 minutes. He said I'm looking at a c-section...and this is a doctor who prefers to deliver breech babies vaginally.

Why I really LOVE this doctor:
He said, "Wow, you've been contracting like this for three weeks?"
Me - Yes
Him - And aren't you uncomfortable all the time?
Me - Yes
Him - And do you sleep at night?
Me - I wake up off and on.
Him - I know it must be so frustrating to not know if she's coming tomorrow or next week, especially with not sleeping and contracting like this (I was having a contraction when he started to examine me, so he was able to feel their wrath). If you weren't still on the preemie side, I would say pick your day for a c-section. But I'm going to say 2 weeks from now, but I would be really surprised if you lasted that long.
Me - Well shoot, sign me up.

YAY! I have a real time frame. And it isn't 5 weeks from now! And he thinks I might go early.

The stats as of yesterday: 4-5 cm, 80% effaced, -1 station.

All right, here's where I need your help! There are three important days that happen in two weeks...

February 27th - My Grandpa's birthday. He passed away in 2001. I was really close to him as he was the main father figure in my life until I was 12.

February 28th - Jake's Dad's birthday. I think it would be fun for them to share that.

February 29th - LEAP YEAR!!! I'm a little weird, so I of course think it's AWESOME! But what if Cora REALLY loves her birthday, and only gets to see the day once every 4 years? Would she hold the fact that I scheduled her birth on such a day against me forever?

I will most likely have to choose at my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning!!!


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