A semi-plan

I have been looking up all sorts of flipping techniques, and trying several. Last night I stacked pillows under my hips to they were elevated about 12 inches off the floor. I put my ipod speakers way down low (I started out playing her the I am Sam soundtrack (covered Beatles songs)), and an ice pack up where her head was. She moved around a lot, but never flipped. I can't figure out what I'll try tonight.

I'm going in to see a doctor who will do an ECVersion (manually flipping her from the outside) Wednesday afternoon. He wanted to wait to schedule a c-section until we see how this works out. He has done several vaginal breech deliveries. He prefers them to c-sections for breech babies (so a c-section could be out all together unless there is an emergency). I'm a little nervous. In my research to find flipping techniques I came across pictures of vaginal breech deliveries, wow, they almost freaked me out more than when I watched a c-section on youtube. I'm such a naturalist. So with a c-section, I can handle the idea of my skin being cut into a STRETCHED open, but I don't like the idea of my uterus being cut through. I also don't like that it's a guarenteed epidural. I just want Cora to arrive healthy and happy, with the least amount of risks possible. Hopefully the version will be successful, and she won't flip back to head up. I just want to be well informed with all of the possibilities. She is absolutely perfect where she is right now. I guess there's always apprehension in the "getting them here" process.


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