Totally random and super cool

I talked to a chiropractor friend about Webster's Technique. She had a friend a few hours away who does it. She got a hold of her, and then called with what she said. I'm on the phone and her friend had told her about a doctor in my area who I should go see. He has a high flip rate, but also delivers breech babies vaginally. She drops the name, and I almost fall out of my chair! It's the doctor I'm going to see on Wednesday. I'm so happy that his name is floating around in the world as the person to see if you have a breech baby!

I looked up the statistics for complications. 5 out of 100 breech babies delivered vaginally are at risk for complications. 1 out of 100 breech babies born via c-section are at risk for complications. I don't know how that relates to head-down babies born vaginally vs. c-section.

I just still can't get over the fact that she named the doctor I'm going to see as the person I should be seeing. It really takes a little load off.


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