I hope the subject of this blog isn't too deceiving. Yesterday morning I was told I would be able to go home this afternoon.You'd better believe I was excited. My mind kept wandering with all of the things I was going to do when I got there. I was especially excited about sleeping in my sheets! When I was n the monitor last night, I was contracting every 1-3 minutes. 3 minutes was a rarity. It was more like 1-1 1/2. Anywho, a doctor who has checked my cervix before, checked it again and said I was a 4-5. When the doctors came in this morning, they talked about my "rough" night last night. The new attending said she didn't think I should go home for a few more days because I'm still having contractions and Cora is still breech. I was like "WAIT A SECOND!!!!" I didn't say it out loud, but that's what Jake and I had been talking about. Like if all of the conditions that are dangerous haven't changed then why are we going home. We just took comfort in the idea that we were less than 10 minutes away from 2 hospitals and we were past 34 weeks, which is the most crucial time...and the other attending said it would be cool. So even though this attending makes much more sense, it's a bummer to find out you must stay longer on the very day you were supposed to go home. She said I need to have a few calm days of no pelvic exams, etc. I haven't had one of those yet...well, I've gone 2 days once without having my cervix checked. I have no idea how long it will take to have a few days of "good" days, especially being that I'M STILL CONTRACTING ALL THE TIME!

So now that we're pretty much past critical mass for Cora, how are we gonna get her out? ;) If she comes in this next little extended visit, then I won't have to pay another admittance for my insurance. Perk, right?


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