Tornado Sirens at Noon

I am sitting in my living room on a sunny day without a single cloud in view from my window. In Oklahoma City at Noon on Saturday on a day such as this, tornado sirens are blaring in a system test, and I love it.

I was released from the hospital Wednesday evening. I'm still having frequent contractions, but haven't dilated anymore in about a week. I'm still somewhere between a 4 and 5. Cora is still breech. I've been doing random things to get her to flip. Different positions and such. I watched a video on Youtube last night of a pregnant woman doing hand stands in the swimming pool in attempts to flip her baby. Two days later she had her baby came and was head down. I hope to try that too.

I had an appointment with my regular doctor yesterday. She is going to talk to a doctor about scheduling a c-section at 38 weeks if she is still breech. She also is talking with an OBGYN who has a high success rate with external cephalic versions. A version is manipulating the baby from the outside in attempts of turning him/her into the head down position. That doctor usually doesn't do it until 37 weeks. My doctor is pretty sure that Cora would make her way into the world if she flipped around because her head would be pushing against my cervix during contractions...ya know, how it normally works. She said there's a reason why your body usually only contracts regularly for a few hours when you have your baby. After a while it's a bit tiring. I think Cora is getting bigger everyday. My tummy feels bigger all the time now.

My full paid leave ends on Tuesday. I'm not really stressed about it, but I do think about it. After Tuesday I have 20 days of leave where the substitutes pay comes out of my check. It cuts my monthly income in half. And after the 20 days, that's it, no more pay. Generally my benefits should go away too, but the district can work with me to continue the benefits. The 20 days would take me to March not even her real due date if she goes full term. I might be able to go back to work at 36 weeks...I don't like thinking about the maybes almost more than I don't like thinking about the fosho's.

At any rate, I am home. I can't imagine a better place in the world.


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