The Day in Retrospect

While riding bikes tonight, I discovered that an elbow makes a great brake against a brick wall.

Bike rides at dusk are wonderful. I like watching the day fall asleep.

I have too many clothes. I've been going through them because I keep learning that I hate clutter more than I love sentimental shirts, like the one from my very first 5k. It's tough, but I know I'll be better for it.

I love the current Prius commercials. I sing along.

I've been thinking about cutting my hair, but I've been growing it out for too long. My hair takes FOREVER to grow.

I rinsed my mouth with some Scope Original Mint (the green one), and couldn't believe how I instantly thought Grandpa Irl. That was my favorite part of his morning routine. He could keep it in longer than me.


  1. An idea to mesh the clutter and sentimental t-shirts. I cut all my sentimental t-shirts up into squares and made a quilt with it. Its super cozy and warms me in and out :)

  2. Isn't it funny what little memories our brain will hold onto. When I smell after shave, I think of my dad and him always splashing his Skin Bracer on in the morning. I love the smell of after shave. I wish my husband would wear it.



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