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The divide between people in terms of politics just keeps growing. I'm never one to talk about it much: To each his own. Though lately, many things have made me a little sad. I like people...I love people. Everyone. There are some people who make me feel a little uncomfortable, there are some who could appreciate silence more (but that is just a personal taste), I've only ever hated one person, and it was for approximately 4 minutes. I hated the way it felt to feel that way more than I didn't like what that person had done. I appreciate diversity - of opinion, culture, religion, ideologies, language, etc. It keeps things interesting and reminds me that there is always something more for me to learn.

In terms of politics, I have called myself a conservative Liberal since I was in high school. I'm more fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I aligned myself with the Republican party, voted for George W. Bush, liked that he wasn't perfect, but then again, I never expected him to be.
There has always been this turmoil between opposing sides and who is in power. I think the part that makes me so unsettled about what is going on today is the wealth of information that is available. With this amount of information, there is also a great deal of misinformation. And a controvery always seems to spread farther and die harder than it should. When Barack Obama was running for president, before he was ever officially the Democratic candidate, I heard from so many people just randomly dropping that he was Muslim (like that should matter). I got an email about that 'fact' as well as many other half-truths. It turned my stomach, mostly because Mitt Romney was still in the race. I knew that his faith would be a big issue, and I didn't want falsehoods to circulate around about him, so I confronted it. I didn't want anyone to feel bad for sending it because I'm sure they felt like they needed to spread the word...I guess this is where I should make my point....I know that most people who read this are educated and try to be informed, but information that isn't based on facts creates a realm of ignorance - one of the most dangerous things. Nobody wants to be out of the loop of truth. I still feel bad for the elderly woman at the McCain rally who stood up and declared that Obama was Muslim. I listened to an interview with her after the rally when she kept defending her position and kept saying she could provide letters she'd received at meetings at her local library. There are groups out there preying on people, leading them to believe lies because they're vulnerable. I also felt bad as I was respectfully watching McCain concede that the election had gone to Obama. He couldn't get a sentence out without the crowd booing. Those were his supporters, not letting him speak and gracefully honor his opponent who'd won the race in which they both worked so hard. They weren't listening.

I feel like people aren't listening still, they're ignoring the facts. From death panels in health care, the threat of children learning about all kinds of families in schools, being taxed for cash for clunkers, the list goes on and on. Like I said, it just makes me sad. I found two quotes by Thomas Jefferson last week that I felt summed up my feelings. "He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors." And "If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed." May I add factually informed or informed with truths and not deceits. I feel like this collective country is building walls rather than bridges, and these walls are being bulit on false accusations. Meanwhile, 64 year old grandmothers (who retire a few months before medicare because they think they're safe) are dying of brain tumors because of a lack of coverage for screening and care.


  1. I always appreciate that you don't want to step on other people and their feelings and I can appreciate all different sorts of people and politics as well. I definitely agree that there is a lot of misinformation out there and I think it does get blown way out of proportion. The statement about Obama being a Muslim doesn't bother me. He can be any religion he wants to, that is what we were founded on. And that is exactly what happened with Mitt Romney. No one would give him a chance because he is a Mormon even though he is incredibly smart about fiscal matters and we were heading into a serious crisis financially that he might have been able to lessen the blow of. What I would find bothersome, is if Obama is a Muslim and won't admit it. Be true to who and what you are. That is where I think a lot of people - not all - were coming from with the religion aspect. And again I am not speaking for all, but just putting that opinion out there.

    I also didn't agree with everything Bush did, however I respected him for always seeming to keep God in his decisions. Contrary to popular belief the separation of church and state doesn't mean that God is not involved at all in our decisions. It means that the church itself is not running things. But God was built into the forming of this nation. He may not have been perfect but I think he tried hard.
    We will never find a perfect president so long as men are in charge. Until the Lord himself is in charge here we will have men and women who are lead astray in charge of this country. And all others. I think some have good intentions but it is difficult to stay good when there is so much corruption. It is what I teach my Young Women every week. If you let yourself touch just a little bit of the sin, then it can take you over. You have to pick the one who follows most closely what you think and pray like crazy that he can stay that way. I think that a lot of people were not as gracious as they could have been for sure at the completion of this election. I have always been of the opinion that I don't agree with Obama, however he was elected and will get my respect for the office itself. Doesn't mean I will agree with his policies or anything like that, but I will respect the fact that he was elected and I expect people on both sides to do the same.

    We have let things divide us so much that respect is very lacking on both sides. The namecalling in this healtcare debate is childish and ridiculous. I heard a representative call those not in agreement with the national healthcare neanderthals. Where is the respect? I agree that we need healthcare reform for sure. I have had 2 hospital visits and paid my dues - and am still paying them off because it was over $15,000 - when I have healthcare and the man sitting next to me who didn't have healthcare walked out and paid $100. That is not right at all. Yes healthcare is important but because I have insurance I should not get screwed. And trusting the government to run it properly is not an option for me either. James can't even get a new microwave in his office without filing 15 different forms but I want them to take care of me when I have a life threatening brain tumor? My dad nearly died of the flu in Scotland with their nationalized healthcare because he couldn't get taken care of. I don't have all the answers but I certainly don't believe that a nationalized healthcare policy will help.
    I love both of the Thomas Jefferson quotes. It is hard to find accurate information even in this age of technology but we certainly need to try. You can't even find 2 articles that were in agreement about Michael Jackson's death so how will we find 2 people that can even agree on what information is in the healthcare bill? Especially when most have not actually read all of it. Just bits and pieces. It is like that gossip game you know?
    Ok sorry so long.

  2. I agree that people are making judgments with lack of information. I believe I too assume before I know, but I usually try not to.

    It's funny that you consider yourself a conservative liberal because I consider myself a liberal conservative. I'm just opposite of you. I think on the fiscal matters sometmes higher taxes are the way to go and the need of socialized programs, but I'm not too liberal when it comes to social issues. Not judging the people themselves, just that we have already been counseled about what is proper and what is not.

    But I do think way too many lies are circulating out there. And sometimes it is hard to know who is telling the truth. That's where it becomes our obligation to sort fact from fiction and find out for ourselves before we slam the gavel down. I totally agree "to each his own", respect must be given no matter how wide the gap is.

    Thanks for always sharing and making us think!

    Mhari, I'm with you. I can't wait until this nation is governed by the Savior. Then noo need for all this confusion!

  3. Mhari - I think you inadvertently expanded upon one of my points when you said "What I would find bothersome, is if Obama is a Muslim and won't admit it."

    One can never remove all of the damage done by spreading falsehoods. Even though the issue has been settled that his father was Muslim, and President Obama is not, "Muslim" and "Barack Obama" will continue to be associated with one another. The damage was done. When I was subbing last week, one of my students said, "You know, he [Pres. Obama] wasn't even born in the United States. Why should a man continually have to defend himself against lies from people who make them up just because they don't like him. It's discouraging because I know his efforts (as well as others such as the governor of Hawaii) could be much better spent than defending these false accusations. I know that is something with which you already agree.



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