Super Sweet Furniture

These are two pieces of furniture that Vaughn did for us. The lighting is crazy. It was too dark without the flash, and seriously bright because both pieces were in front of his paint room, which has a very reflective metal exterior.

Buffet given to us by Dianna, our former landlord.
It's original finish was mahogany veneer, and it was missing two drawers in the middle as well as some of the scroll work on the outer doors. Vaughn cut out trim to match where it was missing, and made a shelf in the middle and added two doors. The finish is something like an 11 coat process. 

Desk from Grandma Izzie's house

The desk was originally an outdated wood finish, I don't even know the name of the wood, it's like where they take a photo copy of wood and make a paper that goes on a not all wood material underneath. He painted it black and distressed it. I like that he got down to the original finish in the distressing. He also fixed the roll top. 
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  1. Very Nice!!! I love classic furniture like that! When do you guys leave for Chicago??



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