Go ahead, Feel Beautiful.

You know how a new haircut can make you feel giddy?

And make you crave a date with photo booth when your alone in the living room after everyone has gone to bed...
And makes you check the mirror a hundred times more often than usual...

And makes you want to pose for everything...

And make sure your wedding ring is in full view so no one gets any ideas...

And makes you open your eyes a little wider...

And stand a little taller...

And smile a little bigger? Good.

Then you'll understand this post.


  1. Love love love the bangs!!!!!!!!!! and the rest of the haircut too... But the bangs are especially hot!

  2. you are too cute! i cut my hair this weekend, but have yet to post pics. i find i always look way goofy when i take pics of myself. like i'm trying too hard. ;o) but, you pics are great!

  3. I love the new do! It also makes me miss my long hair- good thing I am already growing mine out again!

  4. love love love your hair cut!! sooooo stinking cute! then again... you're always cute!

  5. I love your cut!!!! and your blog :) I will now be stalking you guys! Seriously though that cut...amazing



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