I'm over my belly button looking like a crater underneath my clothes

I need to lose at least 10 and no more than 15 pounds. My extra baggage is becoming beyond burdensome. I've implemented a new no eating past 7:00 rule. It was 7:30 tonight because dinner was a little later. I love food, but I love my old body more. I've been spoiled to be able to over do it for my whole life up until now. I have no expectation of seeing the 23 inch waist I had when I got pregnant with Cora, but I know that the stretch marks on the back/sides of my upper thighs (you know the place right below your hips) mean I'm trying to stuff too much stuff inside.

Any support/suggestions would be appreciated. ;)


  1. No words of inspiration, just lettin' ya know I empathize. I lost my 23 in. waist with my first too, but I would like it back! I have a goal of losing 30 lbs then I will reward myself with a cruise! After five kids I've decided I will only get it back by running. I'm starting to see results after 2 mo.

  2. You can do it. Just reduce the size of your meals (don't go hungry) and exercise routinely. You'll need to find something you love to do, so exercising doesn't become a burden. Make it fun - join old friends or make new ones.

    After my second child was born, it was taking a little longer to loose the extra weight and I made that comment to the nurse at my doctor's office. Her comment back to me was that I would not get back to my pre-pregancy clothes. I just wanted some sympathy, here. Well, after getting irritated at her remark - I remember thinking: "Yeah, just watch me!" It was a challenge and within a few months I conquered it.
    For me what helped was going back to running regularly. I love to run. I have a friend that did it through weight watchers at work plus group exercise classes.

    Good luck!!

  3. Hey girl I have a meal plan I give my clients for losing weight if you want me to send it to you! I dont know if you know but I am a personal trainer (with NASM) and an aerobics instructor now! :) Let me know and I will email it to you!



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