And Today's Tour...

...will take us through the kitchen and bathroom - not in that order.

I love the hardcore plumbing.

And the bright colors in an otherwise dreary space.

The hallway from the front door.

Our dining area looking towards the kitchen.

...from the front door.
At the end of the kitchen looking towards the living room.

Gas stove.

Our one maple cabinet. I like it for the drawer, but I'm fond of the rest of my Old Ironsides cabinets.

"Eye Candy" wall and "Daily Bread"
I love my fiesta.

Apron Collection

Extra storage.

The galley.

I hope you enjoyed the peek. Come back real' soon now, ya hear?


  1. That isn't a bad galley, because you can actually see the front room!
    Love your retro table! My aunt had one like it with red glitter chairs in her kitchen growing up. It was in her basement & she told me I could have it... but once the offer was out there my cousin/her daughter had a change of heart on her previous decision to turn it down. *SIGH* It still saddens me.
    Oh that toilet!!

  2. I love the bright colors in your bathroom! Now if only I could get a close up of your other curtains....

  3. Wow, you actually have quite a lot of space for a Chicago apartment! I'm impressed and a little jealous... Everything looks so homey! And the vintage table is AWESOMESAUCE. ;-)



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