The Cheap Kind

Cora started out in Pampers Swaddlers. I had a few other brands that had been given to us, and all of them gave her diaper rash. So we stuck with Swaddlers intermingled with Seventh Generation because Swaddlers only go up to a size 2-3 (I called it a 2.5), and I wanted something I knew we could switch to when the time came.

When she grew out of Swaddlers we switched to Pampers BabyDry and occasionally Cruisers when BabyDry was unavailable. All was going well until she started leaking out of every kind of Pampers, even after we went up a size. The day my diaper world changed was July 18, 2008. We were at Katy's (Jake's cousin) and Cooper's wedding where Cora was the flower girl. I had one extra diaper packed to last through ceremony and reception...One. A mother of five came to my rescue. Her baby and Cora happened to be in the same size, and she had a whole package in her van. I saw the blue and green polka-dot diaper and had no idea what brand it was, but it didn't give Cora a rash, and there was no leak. AMAZING!

It wasn't until I was at Target and saw the same diaper on the yellow Up & Up box that I knew where they came from. Then I looked at the price and almost fell over...SIX whole dollars less than Pampers for more diapers. They've redesigned the diaper in the last few months and it's even better. They have a lot more stretch and leg protection. And they're really soft.

Swaddlers were awesome, and I wouldn't use anything else for little itty-bitties, but I wish I would have known how great Target's diapers were when the Swaddlers phase was through. The moral of this story: If you haven't ever tried Target's diapers, or if its been a while since you have, give them a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.


  1. This is good to know! I love pampers as well but refuse to pay for them- we usually get ours at Costco and love them...but maybe I will have to try Target...Im a lil skeptical though since their wipes STINK! At least they do here in Nevada..:) Thanks for the tip

  2. I hate the diaper wonder game. You buy a pack and wonder if it will work on your little baby's bottom- and each cchild is different! Lexi was a pampers baby- allergic to all others- then I found Luv's. They were perfect- lot's cheaper, made by papmpers, smelled good and DIDN'T LEAK! Ashlee could not wear pampers, only Luv's- I was ok with that. Carly could wear anything, but I preferred Luv's- mental thing. Baylee is the rash queen. I used Swddlers for the first time with her- oh so worth the money! She is now in Luv's as well. I HATE Huggies- they stink, leak, and jsut are gross to me! But I do love Huggies wipes- they are thick and smell so good. My weird issues with bodily fluids- so I need thick baby wipes!:) Maybe I'll be brave and try Target, but I'll have to be careful seeing how my husband works for the Wal Mart home office- strangely people actually get a little upset if they hear you shop at Target- I am in trouble a lot since I love Target!

  3. Thanks for the info!! We had rotten luck when we tried ANYTHING but pampers with Hannah. So I was scared to try anything else with Milo. I did borrow some huggies from a friend & Milo didn't have a problem, so I get them when I'm feeling cheap(which is happening more often.) I always hate trying something & hating it (waste of money!!) So if you are a lover of swaddlers (they are THE BEST!) I'll give these a try.



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