Close up of Curtains

My cousin Kiersty asked for a close up of the curtains, and because I am a needy reader of her blog - always requesting that she post extra pictures and videos - I'm going to indulge her.

And since I'm showing a close up, I'll also reveal my secret....

The striped fabric was a table cloth, and the top floral and damask fabric was a table runner. Both were part of the Garden Party collection at Target, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I kept going back and forth, like maybe it was too "girlie," but I couldn't resist any longer when pieces got the lovely little reddish orange clearance sticker. I cut the table cloth and runner in half and sewed them together as well as a hem down the inside of each panel.

I sewed a strip of fabric on the back to run the curtain rod through.

The kitchen valance is one full table runner. It fit perfectly!

I got the sewing machine out to sew a strip of fabric on and then thought "Hmm, I can just run the rod between the back layer of pink fabric and the front floral/damask (it was hollow between). So I cut an inch and a half slit at each end and ran the rod through - If only hanging the rod would have been so easy - I discovered the joy of plaster.

A closer close up. Yes, it's the same fabric as the shower curtain.

And if I can ever talk Jake into it, I'd LOVE this quilt for our room. It reminds me of a hand-painted quilt my great-grandma made.


  1. THANK YOU! I was so excited to see the fabric up close- unfortunately I am slightly slower at responding to your requests about posting a video of me playing the will happen just maybe after a few more weeks of remembering :)

  2. WOW!!! The curtains look so bright and cheerful. Isn't it amazing how color can change your mood! AND==you made them yourself, how crafty you are! Love Aunt L

  3. VERY clever! I made my kitchen valences out of a bed skirt and pillowcases, so I love this sort of project. Your curtains look totally fab!



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