Tracey and Parker [Jake's mom and brother] came to Chicago to spend their fall break with us. It was fun to see some familiar faces. We went on a few adventures - free adventures because that's how I roll. Free minus the food, we ate out almost every meal. Tracey was very gracious.

And I guess free minus the transportation, but I refuse to pay fifteen to twenty dollars to park my car somewhere.

The weather was cloudy and cold. I admittedly do not want winter to set in, but at the same time, I can't wait to see the punch it packs. This week will be a reprieve. It is sunny and wonderful. Blue skies and temperatures in the upper fifties to lower sixties. Fall in Chicago.

Cora and I went to the library, and I saw Tar Beach. I heard about this book some time ago when it won the Caldecott Honor. I meant to read it then, but time slipped by, and I forgot about it. We checked it out, and I read it to her before her nap. She loved it and was asleep in record time. I loved it. The story was originally part one of a five-part quilt series, Woman on a Bridge, by Faith Ringgold, and she later adapted it into a book. The illustrations are lovely, and the story reminds me of my very own Tar Beach, though I called it my "tHinK SpoT." It was at the base of the Superstition Mountains in a cul-de-sac called Morning Dove Court. I looked it up the other day and there is still just one house there - and the lot in front of my tHinK SpoT is still for sale. Does anyone have a little over a quarter of a million dollars they'd like to loan me? Thanks in advance.

Today is the day I've spent getting a few things back together. Washing extra laundry and such. It's also the day I'm getting rid of leftovers. My mother-in-law loves Diet Coke. It's this thing that runs in the blood of the women in her family. She bought a twelve-pack and only drank six while she was here. I rarely drink pop except for the occassional Mug rootbeer. But not today. I'm on DC numero dos. Holy fizzy. I don't even like the taste of artificial sweetener...

[The lovely golden leaves from our bedroom window]

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