The moon looks extra radiant tonight. When I was grabbing the computer just now, I saw moonlight reflecting off of our neighbors house through the window above our mantle. I went to our office/craft room/studio/sunroom/we haven't settled on the perfect name for this space yet to get a better view. I'm glad I did.

Cora came up to me during "quiet time" while I was in the middle of reading some of the speeches given at the Republican National Convention (I believe I was in the middle of Paul Ryan's), and confidently said, "I'm going to marry Tyler." Tyler is a cute boy with red hair at school.

"Oh really?" I asked. "Why's that?"

Shrugging her shoulders with a sweet smile she said, "I don't know. And I might marry Blake, but I'm not sure."

"Do you think one of them is cuter?" I realize now that this is a silly question to ask a four-year-old.

"No. What do you think?"

"Well, I like Tyler's red hair and Blake's eyes."

"So I should marry someone with beautiful eyes and red hair?" I couldn't help but let out a laugh with this one.

"That part doesn't matter too much. Who do you like to talk to the most?"

"They mostly just talk to each other."

We went on for a while longer. Cora's future husband has yet to be determined. It was such a fun conversation. Hopefully this comfort in talking about boys will continue throughout the years. Later, when we were eating dinner, she also mentioned the girl she would marry. I like finding out who her favorite friends are by who she would marry. And I like that there's someone with red hair in the running. If I can't have redheaded babies of my own, maybe someday I'll have redheaded grandchildren. There's still hope!


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