A picture... and a thousand words, sort of.

This photo pretty much sums up my day. Almost a week ago, I was determined to trade in Comet [the cleaner] for something a little less harsh. I was at Whole Foods getting milk [Whole Foods has the best soy milk, hands down, and the cheapest, too when you buy the two-half gallon package, like we do. Whole Foods is the cheapest for anything? Yes. Bulk quinoa is also cheaper than Sprouts], when I decided to take a look at Mrs. Meyer's Surface Scrub, ugh, $4.99. But right next to it was Bon ami, and it was $1.34...or something like that. Worth a try. I took it home and cleaned my bathroom and fell in-love. Nothing overpowering in the smell, only five simple ingredients, I wasn't worried about my girls touching it to help, nice. 

Fast forward to today. I'm at Walmart getting the last of our groceries. I always get all of our produce from Sprouts (formerly known as Sunflower), and get the rest of it, like canned beans and bread and other things that come in packages, from Walmart. I fear people's judgement at Walmart when they look at my cart without a fresh item in it. I want to go tell them to look in my car to see all of the fruits and vegetables in the back, just waiting to be consumed by my family and me. Anyway...I'm wandering down the cleaning aisle looking for some Drano when I see the cute little chick from the Bon ami can. It's only 88 cents, but that's not all. It has a save 25 cents coupon on top. I just got one and went on my way, and then I was like, "What?!" So I turned my cart around and picked up two more. Happy cleaning to me. 

I spent the afternoon filling out paperwork for this idea I have. And then got to dinner. I made a recipe from the Engine 2 Diet book. It was basically beans and rice, but with quinoa instead of rice, and kale on the side. Quinoa is great. Kale is great. When quinoa and kale get together, magic happens. I LOVE them both. Kale is my favorite "leafy green." I think I've only been eating it for about a year. It was one of those "Where have you been all my life?" moments. While at Walmart, I also picked up some canning jars to make Jake some salads to take to work - I found the idea on Pinterest several months ago and just now got around to it. I enjoyed putting the salads together, and it took like 3.5 minutes. I'll be going back for quart jars.

In the middle of putting the salads together, I had the best idea. I love "Mason" jars. They're so simple and useful. They please my aesthetics. We've been planning on replacing all of our plastic "tupperware" (food storage containers doesn't sound as cool) with glass, and in that best idea moment, I thought, "That's silly, canning jars are way cooler and way cuter." I don't know why I've never thought about it before. I'm already imagining opening up the fridge to perfectly uniform glass jars - with leftovers and lunches all neatly and beautifully lined up.   

And finally, Magnolia had her first haircut. I didn't keep Cora's hair, I think there's something weird about it. Magnolia's longest layer was really long, so it was just easier to put it in a ponytail first. I took a deep breath, hesitated for a second, and then lopped it off. Now I have it, and I can't just throw it away. She still looks like my sweet baby, and I'm glad for that because I didn't want to do anything that would make her grow up any faster than she already is. What a sweet little sugar-plum-lollipop-lovey-lou.


  1. Oh man she is a mini you for sure!! I have been doing the salad in mason jars too. I bought a vacuum sealer off amazon and do my salads a week at a time that way. I also do make ahead smoothies with oatmeal and chia seeds. It is awesome!

  2. I have taken pictures of each of my kids first hair cuts and kept the hair in a ziplock bag for when i scrapbook the photos and then just tape the ziplock bag into the book.
    Our SF market is changing to sprouts soon and I am very bummed- it seems like the prices of produce etc. will be going up and I hate that! Stupid inflation/new company/some other reason I am not aware of. :) As for the mason jars, etc. since they are pricier than "tupperware" ( I also love mason jars and they speak to me as well), we save most of our jars for freezer jam, etc. but I also use them for leftovers, etc...they dont match in our fridge but I prefer them to plastic for reheating, etc. :)



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